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tv   Today  NBC  July 9, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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good morning. killer storms. severe weather claims at least five lives including a child at a summer camp as it tears across the country. strong winds and rain, toppling homes, knocking down trees and power to thousands. immigration showdown. president obama headed to texas today for a face-to-face with one of his most vocal critics. why he won't be visiting the border. taking on the tabloids. what a newspaper wrote about george clooney that has him so enraged that he's fighting back in print today saying his family was put in danger. and the prince of wales. a look inside george's first year as he celebrates that milestone birthday today.
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wednesday, july 9th, 2014. >> from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. want to talk about wails, the crying from brazil could be heard here. my gosh. 8-1. >> 7-1. >> it's like the last goal brazil scored, germans were like you should have one. it's your world cup. you should have one. you hosted it. >> i googled the rule. >> it looked like it might actually get worse than this. >> it was 5-0 in the first 30 minutes. the game was over before it started. look at the crying in the crowd. my goodness. you feel for that country. >> we do, indeed. on their home turf as well. we'll get is the latest from the
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world cup in a moment. but let's start with the weather. the storms that unleashed torrential rain and damage through the midwest to the northeast. it is not over yet. nbc's ron mott is in clarksville, missouri. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we had the same system in the east coast with the deadly results. you can see the mississippi river. it is flooded. it will crest today at 35 feet. ten feet above flood stage. back east, families are mourning the deaths after the storm that hit in a flash. eight children injured and one killed when a fast moving storm moved in on a camp of kids and adults in maryland. overnight, the camp posted a statement. an official saying in part the storm came upon them in a quick
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and severe manner before the children reached the building. nine children were injured. i'm sad to say, one of the children died from his injuries. pray for all of these children and families. elsewhere, in madison county, new york, east of syracuse, four people were killed in severe weather there when four homes were destroyed, others damaged by a line of storms that toppled trees and power lines. it is the latest from the system that blew across the country triggering the thunder and lightning. adding to flood fears in the midwest where water continues to rise in places. here in clarksville, missouri, the mighty mississippi is cresting after the rise. >> aren't you tired of it? >> yes, but we love this place. so we try to do it better the
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next time. >> reporter: while the threat from further flooding may be over for now, residents here know the worst often comes after cresting as the water is much slower to recede back into its banks. this flood takes ten days to disappear. in maryland and upstate new york, officials will be out today to assess the damage there to see if tornadoes were responsible for the damage there. here this water is expected to last for another 10 to 12 days. the mayor says because they just paid the last year's bill for flood protection. they were told that they are on their own. so all of this flood protection was done by volunteers. they were happy to have the help here. >> all right. ron mott, thank you so much. dylan is here for al. we'll check her forecast in a moment. another major story this morning. how to handle what is a crisis on the u.s. border. president obama travels to texas today. this on the heels of his request of nearly $4 billion from congress. nbc's peter alexander is in
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dallas with the president. peter, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. people here in the state of texas know the border crisis as well as anyone in america and president obama late today will hear from some of them. particularly faith leaders and local elected officials including republican governor rick perry who has even questioned this administration's competence. president obama on the road shooting pool with colorado's governor late tuesday and taking more heat. his next stop, texas, on the front lines of america's still uncontained immigration crisis. >> citizens cannot be forced into allowing undocumented kids from central america to be housed in my blighted community. >> reporter: the issue so heated here in dallas it was standing room only at this commissioner's meeting tuesday on plans to house kids from the border. some argued sending them home would be wrong. >> that's not only immoral, ungodly, unkind, unfeeling, un-texan, unforgivable.
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we will be judged. >> reporter: as for this afternoon's texas showdown, president obama will meet with local leaders including republican governor rick perry. who just this week insisted the president doesn't care if the southern border is secure. but on tuesday, the white house unveiled a proposed solution. $3.7 billion in emergency spending. nearly half of it to help care for unaccompanied children whose numbers have skyrocketed in recent years. especially those from central america. three years ago u.s. customs and border patrol agents apprehended nearly 4,000 children. in 2012 it was more than 10,000. a year later, double that. and since last october, an explosion. nearly 40,000 central american children caught entering this country illegally. putting political pressure on all sides. >> while the republicans and the democrats play political ping-pong with this issue, the reality is that hundreds of children continue to cross the border. >> reporter: this two-day texas
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trip will be dominated by campaign fund raisers, three to be held in dallas and austin. but we hear from white house aides today, they insist there will be no stops at the border. >> all right. chuck todd is nbc's chief white house correspondent. chuck, good morning to you. let's start with peter left off. what is the harm in visiting the border? is there something larger here? is there a reason why the house doesn't want to make this gesture? >> you know this president well. you and i covered him together. they get stubborn sometimes. they don't like getting bullied into a situation. they made the decision they would not go to the border. they've gotten a ton of pressure. and they're digging in their heels, but their way to split the baby on this is they hastily set up this meeting today. this private one-on-one meeting with rick perry. but they were sort of forced into this.
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they are acknowledging the photo op i think might be bad politics on either side of this issue. so they want to stay away. and they argue that maybe the president's presence there may take away from security measures. but they clearly are a little bit concerned about the politics of it. >> speaking of the politics on the congressional side of this, i know the ask for $3.7 billion has got a lukewarm reception. something passed in the senate and dead on arrival in the house. what do you make of that? is it where members of congress would rather have the political issue than the resolution? >> i think members of congress don't want this at all during the fall campaign. there's two issues. immigration reform totally dead. that's not going to happen. the president's challenge might be greater with his own party. than for republicans. first you have to change the 2008 law that doesn't allow for the quick deportation of these minors. right? the law allows for quick
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deportation of mexican or canadian children. not from non-mexican or non-canadian. so that is going to have to get changed. i think he can get republican support of that, but it's democrats including major democrats diane feinstein, bob menendez, who doesn't want to see that 2008 law changed. afraid they won't look compassionate if they send these children back. >> chuck todd, thank you. there has been a dramatic escalation between israel and hamas. craig melvin has the latest. >> good morning, guys. the israeli army's defensive is intensifying this morning. the army says it has attacked more than 160 sites today alone with strikes from the air and sea. ammann mohyeldin has the latest. >> reporter: that's 400 by the military that have been struck since the beginning of this
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operation 24 hours ago. according to medical sources, 35 people have been killed and 200 injured. among those killed, nine children and six women. here in tel aviv, sirens have been going off through the night and morning. indications that israel's two largest cities including jerusalem has fallen within the reach of those rockets. it doesn't look like either side is willing to back down. there is even talk of possibly invading gaza with military forces. the military called up 40,000 soldiers. that has people concerned here war could be breaking out in the coming days. >> ayman mohyeldin, thank you. a wild scene in rio. hundreds of people ran away from copacabana beach in a panic as a mass robbery was taking place. dozens of young people snatching beach bags and jewelry.
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it happened as fans gathered to watch brazil and germany play in the world cup semifinal match. i'll have more on the match coming up. a weakened but dangerous typhoon left two dead on the okinawa islands. typhoon neoguri. it had wind gusts of over 140 miles an hour. the major concern now is torrential rain and flooding. 200,000 people were told to evacuate. tokyo may see heavy rain on friday. the impact on the capital is expected to be minimal. a top official at the va has said he's sorry after the whistleblowers. four staffers testified tuesday in front of the house veterans affairs committee. scott davis, a program specialist in atlanta says after he reported problems that included the deletion of thousands of veterans' health records, he and others were harassed by superiors.
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>> i think that's the problem with v.a. a complete lack of accountability. and when people know that they can engage in behavior without consequences, something's got to change. >> an independent federal investigative agency is pursuing 67 active complaints of harassment. and what looked like a massive oil spill off san diego turned out to be something entirely different. that dark blob spotted in the water monday, actually a huge school of anchovy. students from the scripps institute of technology dove in with cameras attached. scientists are not sure why the tiny fish came so close to shore, but the biggest school of anchovy they've seen in more than 30 years. >> wow. >> you guys take anchovy on your seafood salad? >> i can't. no. i pick mine off. >> too fishy. those anchovies are safe. stay right where you are.
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thank you. dylan has a check of the weather. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> we're actually talking about some of the storms in the southwest. we had a lot of storms in the northwest. more than 400 reports of wind gusts over 58 miles per hour. but in the southwest i want to point out to you it is monsoon season. this is the time of year you get those heavier down pours. and some of them produce heavy rain. others just produce the wind gusts. then you get the dust storms. so we could end up with dust storms especially in arizona as we go through the day today. you could see a lot of lightning. and because it has been so dry, some of that lightning could lead to fire. so it is worth watching for the monsoon season out that way. over the course of the next three days, we could end up with half an inch, up to an inch. but in some of those down pours, the ones who produce the heavy rain, we could see higher amounts. also keeping an eye on nebraska and kansas today, we could see a large risk of slight hail and damaging wind gusts and through the southeast. these would be scattered showers and storms. just the heat and humidity feeling some of those storms
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later on today. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. live in the same communities that we serve. people here know that our operations have an impact locally. we're using more natural gas vehicles than ever before. the trucks are reliable, that's good for business. but they also reduce emissions, and that's good for everyone. it makes me feel very good about the future of our company. ♪ good morning to you. 7:14 now. a live look at a foggy sky over tiburon. we are nice and clear in s will as we head throughout the day. at the coast you will hold on to that ocean believe and comfortable temperatures. 64 in san francisco. 76 on the east shore.
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south bay at 82. the warm spot will be out in the tri valley at 88 degrees. >> and and that's your latest forecast. a disturbing story out of maryland. this is supposed to be wiped off the face of the earth but actually smallpox, the virus, was found in a closet at national institutes of health in bethesda, maryland. tom costello has this story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. smallpox is one of the deadliest viruses known to man. the government keeps very small quantities under lock and key at the cdc in atlanta in case they need a vaccine in a bioterror case. they found vials of it in a storage room that should have been destroyed decades ago. it was a startling discovery here at the national institutes of health, the nation's premiere medical research fa silgty, where employees moving equipment inside a storage facility stumbled upon six vials containing samples of smallpox, the deadly disease eradicated 35
7:16 am
years ago. according to the cdc, last tuesday scientists found the vials in an unused portion of a storage room of an fda lab. and the cdc says the vials may have been sitting there for decades. the agency says they appear to date all the way back to the 1950s. >> it's considered a category "a" agent which is the highest risk that government places on potential biological agents. >> reporter: international law mandates smallpox can only be stored at two official world health repositories. at the cdc in atlanta and a facility in russia. as for these samples there's no evidence, says the cdc, the vials were tampered with. it adds, onsite biosafety personnel have not seen any exposure. the cdc and fbi are investigating how it ended up here. the smallpox vials have been transported to cdc to test it to
7:17 am
see if it's viable enough to make anyone sick and then will be destroyed. >> the smallpox threat is nil to the general public. >> reporter: this incident comes on the heels of another scare at the cdc. in june the agency vaccinated 80 employees out of concern they were exposed to anthrax. now they say those workers were likely were never in any danger. now questions about how the smallpox vaccine was mishandled for so long. guys, back to you. >> tom costello, thank you very much. let's turn now to the world cup, the host country brazil, as we mentioned, bounced from the tournament in an historic rout that nobody saw coming. craig has more on the blowout. >> a lot of folks still in shock this morning. a lot of folks in shock. brazil did not just lose to germany, they got trounced on home turf in semifinal, the host lost to germany by the unbelievable score of 7-1, a
7:18 am
match that dropped jaws and left an entire nation in tears. >> the most shocking results ever. >> reporter: it was deutsche distribution. germany absolutely annihilating the host country of brazil 7-1 in the world cup semifinals. at one point, scoring four goals in just six minutes. >> unbelievable. beyond belief. >> reporter: coming in, brazil had not lost a game at home since the ford administration. but when the final whistle blew, team brazil suffered its worst loss ever. >> you're not imagining things. >> reporter: tears were flowing with players and fans overcome with the devastation of the moment. >> the last time they hosted the world cup, brazil, in 1950 they lost in the final to uruguay. this loss is so much bigger and so much worse than that one. >> reporter: the reaction on twitter was immediate. everything from oprah handing out goals to new takes on
7:19 am
brazil's flagged to versions of christ the redeemer. the goal in the 33rd minute made neymar all-time leading goal scorer unthroning brazil's scorer. from here germany heads to world cup final but for brazil that established a government commission just to investigate why their team lost 1998 cup final, there will be serious soul-searching. >> the ripple effects will be massive. this will be looked at for the rest of brazilian soccer history. >> germany will take on the winner of of today's match. >> neymar is not good for six goals. he's good, but --
7:20 am
>> you've got four more years to catch up. >> let me guess. this was big online? >> oh, man. the seven, an impressive number. guess, 200 million likes, comments, i don't know, interesting things said, on facebook alone. and, ladies and gentlemen, 35.6 million tweets, the most tweeted about single sporting event ever. how many fewer do you believe the super bowl got, guys? it's right there in the prompter. >> we don't cheat. >> of course, incredible numbers on social media put up there. and some interesting comments. from gary, he said about the game, someone needs to pick up the other playstation controller. i had to have that joke explained to me, but now you get it. some also say the logo told the story. you know, this of captain
7:21 am
picard, this is coach of brazil. tim howard could not save them. the big game, netherlands/argentina, we'll see what happens there. >> people can be canny. >> the hands in the face, christ the redeemer statue. >> the one with oprah, you get a gold, you get a gold. >> and ron burgundy saying, well, that escalated quickly. coming up, the investigation into the death of a georgia toddler in a sweltering suv is taking a new turn as the boy's mother visits her husband in jail. george clooney blasting a popular tabloid this morning. what he says one newspaper did to put his family in harm's way. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ heart beating ]
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ask your doctor about invokana®. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a high-end prostitute accused of murdering a google executive is expected to face a judge this morning. alix tichelman and forest hayes met several times before his death last death. authorities say tichelman injected so much heroin into hayes on his yacht, he died moments later. after collecting evidence for months, officers were able to set up a prostitution sting last friday to arrest her. she could enter a plea to murder charmings in court this morning. a san jose officer was rushed to the hospital after his cruiser was hit by a newspaper
7:27 am
delivery van. he was doing traffic control after a deadly crash. after 2:00 this morning a car smashed into a tree in south san jose. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. an officer was trying to direct traffic around the scene when he was hit. he was taken to the hospital but was not hurt. let's check in with the weather. >> good morning to you. the time is 7:27. temperatures are comfortable. 59 degrees in oakland. 61 in mountain view. good morning, san francisco, you are at 61, full deck of clouds, definitely the case in pacifica. meanwhile we are nice and clear in antioch at this hour. we have the same clear skies for now in the south bay. you will notice more mid level clouds increasing as we head into the afternoon. the humidity will stick around for today. temperatures are dropping off. 82 for the south bay, 76 on the east shore, 64 in san francisco. let's check the drive.
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here is mike. >> camera shy, but still not shy from helping this, the chp remaining after an earlier traffic break at the 66th avenue overcrossing. traffic reinstated. a slower drive through oakland. the rest of the bay, typical pattern, including the south bay, with northbound routes continuing to build. santa teresa boulevard at miyuki still has traffic patrol, but i'm hearing rumor they reopened the intersection. another local news update in a half hour. hope to see you then. ♪ 737. 737. right there? you guessed it. how do we save on operational costs? with the world's largest fleet of boeing 737's.
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♪ all right. we're back at 7:30 now on a wednesday morning. july 9th, 2014. that a beautiful shot from the top of the rock looking at manhattan. if you're listening closely to that music, it's the reminder of our concert tomorrow. john legend. >> he is the coolest. >> yeah. >> he'll be here tomorrow. meanwhile will be let's look at headlines today. powerful storms being blamed for five deaths this morning. a home ruz ripped from its foundation in new york. in maryland high winds knocked over a tree at a camp killing one child and injuring six others. president obama heads to
7:31 am
texas today. this was originally a political fund raising trip but now he plans to meet with rick perry and others in dallas to discuss the flood of immigrants entering the country illegally. and donald sterling has testified in a trial to determine if his estranged wife had the right to sell the los angeles clippers. sterling told the court he is mentally sound and he lashed out at doctors who diagnosed him with alzheimer's disease calling them hired guns. katie couric returns to studio 1a to talk about one of her passion projects and she'll also be talking about a new chapter in her life. >> i'm sure katie appreciates that footage. >> that's the video we pulled out. >> yes. that's what happens. we get into the archives. we're also going to talk about pot for federal government. as washington enters the marijuana market, the surprising truth about the real impact on a state. we're going to begin with the terrible case in georgia.
7:32 am
the death of a toddler inside a stifling suv. as the investigation moves forward, the boy's mother has now visited her husband in jail. gabe gutierrez has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. leanna harris is apparently meeting with his attorney across town. meanwhile police are digging deeper into evidence. trying to figure out why in the world this toddler died. as their build their case against ross harris, investigators went back to the same parking lot where police say his son, 22-month-old cooper, died. as seen in this video from waga, investigators use harris' own suv at the same time of day measuring the temperature inside and outside the vehicle. this is harris' wife leanna visiting the jail where her husband is being visited for a
7:33 am
half hour. she declined to answer any questions but seemed visibly upset. >> i believe it shows she was supporting him and she continues to support him. >> reporter: last week in court she stare ed silently as prosecutors said he was sexting with multiple women. she was also calm when her mother called screaming the day cooper died. >> now it's coming from her mom or who she identified as her mom. during this she's like why aren't you crying? why aren't you reacting to this? >> and what did leanna say? >> she said i must be in shock. >> reporter: investigators are looking into what role, if any, leanna played in the death. she has not been charged with any crime. still legal experts say she will likely play a key role in this case. >> under georgia law, a spouse can be compelled to testify in a criminal case involving another spouse when it involves injury
7:34 am
or death to a child. >> reporter: the allegations are still sinking in for those who knew the family. kris wilkinson says she met him when he helped design her website for free. >> there are three things folks live by in the south. that's religion, football, and family. this guy was the epitome of that. >> reporter: ross harris has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and child cruelty. his attorney insists this was all a tragic accident nap his client just forgot to drop off his son at day care. but prosecutors say that's not the case. that he did it on purpose. they are busy gathering evidence before they bring this to a grand jury. >> all right. we know you'll be following it. thank you. let's swing over and get a check of the weather from dylan. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by soma intimates. your new bra destination in sizes 32 a to 44 g. >> good morning, everyone.
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we've got this pattern setting up in the jet stream. it is warm out west. also that moisture streaming in from the south adding to the monsoon sall moisture we see this time of year. let's focus on the heat. yakima, washington, 11 degrees above average with a high of 98 degrees. it's hot through boise and parts of the west. and then cool in minneapolis. we're only at 64 degrees today in marquette, michigan. and we could have to deal with stronger storms today through the central plains. that's something w 7:35. good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. live look at an overcast sky in ocean beach. we have a great start to show you in oakland. we are completely sunny in the south bay. basically your micro climates will make a big appearance for today. nice and cool in the mid 60s in
7:36 am
san francisco. meanwhile, 70s on the way to the east shore, the north bay and peninsula. low 80s in the south bay. hot spots, up to about 88 out in the tri valley. getting into the next couple days, temperatures will stay steady. lot. the recreational sale of marijuana is underway now in the state of washington. the second state behind colorado to take that step. and now other states are looking at whether it could be a positive move for them. joe fryer is all over this story in seattle. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. in the first four months colorado generated $11 million in tax revenue. and many crimes in denver including burglaries and robberies have reportedly dropped. but not all the news is good. this green scene is now a familiar sight. >> i'm not a regular pot smoker. so this is just because it's legal, i thought it was worth,
7:37 am
you know, enjoying. >> reporter: washington's first recreational marijuana sales mirror what happened in colorado six months ago. today karing kind says it's making $250,000 a month off a diverse set of customers. >> we've got your mom, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa roll in with their oxygen tank in here. pot advocates boasted that revenues and tourism is up. >> you want to hit this? >> our parking lot is a microcosm of license plates from all over the world. >> reporter: this week new york legalized medical marijuana. washington and colorado are the only ones to allow recreational use. but the drug report points to concerns. the number of teens using cannabis is rising. >> having a good time at the expense of the community or those around you will be the
7:38 am
norm. and that just breaks my heart. >> reporter: this year 12 kids have been treated at colorado children's hospital after getting sick from marijuana edibles. so the state's making changes. for now in washington edibles are not for sale, but rules for testing and packaging them are strengthened. but the stuff that's smoked is legal and demand is high. >> this is so incredible in my lifetime. i never thought it would happen. >> reporter: here in washington, a recreational marijuana shortage is expected because there aren't enough licensed growers yet. here at cannabis city in seattle they have not run out and they do plan to open their doors with more product on day two. willie? >> joe, i have to tell you, we were counting on a better weed pun for you there. you have to work on that one. okay. he's working on it already. >> he's like, i'm trying to keep this job. i need this job, willie.
7:39 am
thanks. >> our man, joe fryer. >> thank you so much. coming up on "trending," who could wear them? the popular retailer under fire for offering 000 sized clothes. >> i don't know what that means. and next, george clooney fires back about controversial claims being made
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all right. we're back at 7:43. george clooney is fighting back against a controversial report in a major publication. nbc's betty nguyen has that. good morning to you. >> reporter: george clooney typically keeps his lips sealed. he's yet to publicly announce his engagement to amal alamuddin until now. but now he is taking "the daily mail" to task. they said her mother is against the marriage. from his first words, george clooney unleashes the wrath of his anger.
7:44 am
writing "i want to speak to the irresponsibility of the daily mail report. in an op-ed clooney is firing back at the uk's "daily mail" for a quote that, unnamed sources say his fiance's mother disapproves of wedding for religious reasons. the report saying the mom of clooney fiancee amal alamuddin is not so impressed with her daughter's choice and instead wanted her to marry within her strict religious sect, according to close family friends. clooney fired back writing, the daily mail has printed a completely fabricated story about my fiance's mother opposing our marriage more religious reasons. it says that amal's mother has been telling half of beirut that she's against the wedding. none of the story is factually true. amal's mother is not druze, she has not been to beirut since amal and i have been dating. and she is in no way against the marriage. the daily mail said the wedding
7:45 am
will not be a druze wedding and that several women have been murdered by not abiding by the rules. clooney says the report creates larger more damaging implications saying the irresponsibility in this day and age to exploit religious differences where none exist is at the very least negligent and more appropriately dangerous. it's not the first time the star has taken on the tabloids issuing a public campaign after the death of princess diana. >> the same magazines, television shows, and papers that use their pages creating the news, causing altercations, and then filming them. well, you must be exhilarated. you bought and paid for one of the greatest news stories of the year. >> reporter: this morning, clooney's message is just as personal but just as passionate writing. when they put my family and my friends in harm's way, they cross far beyond just a laughable tabloid and into the arena of inciting violence. they must be so very proud. and just moments ago "the daily mail" released its own statement saying, quote, the mail online story was not a fabrication but
7:46 am
supplied in good faith by a reputable and trusted freelance journalist. it goes on to read "we only became aware of mr. clooney's concerns this morning and have launched a full investigation. however, we accept mr. clooney's assurance that the story is inaccurate and we apologize to him, miss amal alamuddin and her mother baria for any stress caused." that article has now been removed from the publication's website. >> all right. betty, thank you so much. coming up on "trending," pizza on a plane? one pilot's tasty gesture to passengers during a lengthy delay. next from the orange room, one athlete's decision to bare it all. >> wow. >> wow. all you can say is wow. >> that's a baseball body right there. >> tamron's got this story in the orange room after this. for ground beef, look for 100% beef that's all natural, like this that i picked up at walmart.
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7:51 am
athlete's decision to strip down for a magazine cover. it's got a lot of people talking. tamron in the orange room. >> guys, this is the highlight maybe of my day. i was thinking about this online. i'm not kidding. espn is out with its annual body issue. spectacular athletes highlighting their physique. marshawn lynch, michael phelps, venus williams, serge ibaka and my favorite in the world prince fielder. look at this. take a look. look in envy, savannah. this shot stayed in my mind all night long. i've changed it to my avatar. we put this ribbon here. it's not up on my avatar. this is what he looks like in real life. great first baseman for the rangers. this guy says i am blocking the next person who retweets prince fielder's naked body on my
7:52 am
timeline. can we be more kind? no one has the perfect or ideal body. kudos to you prince. love yourself, basically. and he says you don't have to look like an under armour mannequin to be an athlete. let us know what you think. i just adore it. i just adore this picture. >> we're definitely getting that feeling. >> yeah. reading between the lines. i think you like prince fielder. wow. >> i've never seen you like this. >> i love this picture. >> wow. can we get some cold water to the orange room? had. >> not like that, willie. >> all right, tamron. thanks. coming ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. state regulators consider hitting water wasters where it hurt. next week the state water resources control board will consider fining people who wastewater $500 a day. this applies to outdoor water use like overwatering lawns, washing down driveways or cars without a nozzle on the hose. tickets can be handed out by any public employee who has the authority to do so. firefighters are hoping someone spending the fourth of july weekend at lake berryessa will help them figure out how a large wildfire started. the monticello fire is 74% contained. it has burned 6500 acres in solano and yolo counties. let's check our weather with christina. good morning. >> good morning, scott. good morning to you at home. a live look at the golden gate bridge, plenty of low clouds
7:57 am
here, overcast sky, otherwise we do have a clear start for you in the south bay, but that humidity is creeping up as we head throughout this afternoon. 82 degrees later today. temperatures not bad at all. 78 degrees for the peninsula. 64 in san francisco. in the north bay, around 77. your seven-day forecast always scrolling at the bottom of your screen. the next five days in san francisco and san jose, overall we are going to stay steady, just cutting off that humidity by tomorrow. here's mike and your drive. all right. very slow right now north 101 through san jose, look at the maps and the northbound routes. in addition to just this one, 101 north at 280 and 680. really bogging down the last 20 minutes. santa ter vees rieesa at miyuki have that traffic control. north 880 through san leandro, slower, better through downtown.
7:58 am
scott? >> mike, thanks. another local news update for you coming up in a half hour. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop.
7:59 am
come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, cover baby. an inside look at prince george's first year. plus welcome back katie. a familiar face stops by studio 1a about her wedding, finding love again, and the project near and dear to her heart. and special delivery. how one pilot made his passengers very happy during a long delay. today, wednesday, july 9th, 2014. ♪ >> we love "today"! >> sweet 16 times two at the "today" show. >> visiting from chicago and i just turned 13.
8:01 am
>> from the heart of the midwest, we're back. >> hey, willie. we're the geist family. are we related? >> you're the geists? so nice to meet you all. >> great morning. wednesday out here on the plaza. nice and cool. not too hot and humid as we welcome you back to the "today" show. lovely morning. gather around. we've got tamron hall here, dylan dreyer, willie geist. natalie on the road once again. >> yes, she is. she's headed to alaska and mendenhall glacier for "today" takes off. natalie racking up the frequent flier miles. >> nice. >> feeling good in juneau right now. hot these days. >> i saw a picture on instagram
8:02 am
of her, she has gloves on. >> let's get a check of the morning's top stories from craig melvin. >> good morning to you. president obama arrives today in texas. a state at the center of the immigration crisis. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in dallas traveling with the president. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the people here in texas know this border crisis as well as anyone in the country and president obama is going to hear from some of them today. specifically some leaders. among them one of his harshest critics rick perry who in recent days has insisted president obama doesn't care if the southern border is secure. on the road late tuesday, president obama was shooting pool with colorado's governor, but he continues to take heat. during this two-day texas trip, he has two campaign fund raisers scheduled. but white house aides today tell me there is no stop scheduled at the border. yesterday the white house
8:03 am
unveiled a proposed solution, roughly $4 billion to compare for unaccompanied children. but the reaction from republicans in congress has been negative so far. meanwhile, craig, this problem continues. it is uncontained. three years ago nearly 4,000 unaccompanied children arriving each year from central american countries. this year the number is closer to 40,000. >> thank you so much. the national security agency reportedly spied on five american citizens because of their political activity. even though there was no evidence that they pose a threat to national security. that's according to the intercept, an investigative outlet cofounded by glen greenwald, a journalist who worked with edward snowden. among those allegedly spied on, the head of the council of islamic relations. the nsa says it does not investigate people solely on free speech activities.
8:04 am
air raid sirens wailed and rocket fire sent wedding guests running for cover as fighting in gaza intensified. one rocket was seen flying directly over the wedding tuesday night. and israel says its iron dome defense system shot down at least two rockets at tel aviv this morning. back here, violent weather overnight blamed for at least five deaths. high winds damaged homes in syracuse, new york. thunderstorms also tore through a summer camp in maryland killing one child and injuring at least eight others. that same storm system caused flooding along the mississippi river and left hundreds of thousands without power. check this out. it's unusual to see people riding skate boards or schoolers to work. but this guy modified a wooden palette to fit into the tracks in slovakia.
8:05 am
now he can palette surf along the city rails. it only works when going down hill. let's get the latest check on the weather from dylan. it's 8:05 right now. >> okay, nice. oh. sorry, we're celebrating this little boy's birthday here. he's two years old. he was here on his first birthday. where are you from? >> hoboken, new jersey. >> so this is a tradition now. we'll see him next year on this third birthday too. we're looking at warm temperatures across texas. actually the pick city of the day, lubbock, texas where it's going to be in the 90s for several days. no thunderstorm activity. most of the south is seeing some really hot temperatures in the 90s. the southwest a little cooler than average, but we should still be in the triple digits. northwest in the 80s and 90s. keep an eye out for nebraska and kansas today where we could see stronger storms. large hail
8:06 am
8:05. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. plenty of clouds to go around here in san francisco. meanwhile, nice and sunny in sunol, and we have the same clear sky to show you in san jose. so overall, right now, really comfortable out there. it is crisp and temperatures are cool, mostly in the 50s and 60s. on our way to the 80s. but just the low 80s for today. we are going to add that humidity as we head throughout the afternoon. that monsoonal moisture creeps in. 76 for the east shore, 64 degrees in san francisco today. >> chaos on the plaza this morning. we don't know what's going on. >> the good kind. >> and that's your latest forecast. coming up on "trending," 000. the retailer doling out a new small clothing size. plus we'll catch up with a familiar face around here. always great to see katie couric. and a special deal that
8:07 am
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8:11 am
and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy! all right. it's 8:11. time for "what's trending" today. let's start with the story that has a lot of women talking this morning about j. crewe and the controversial retail practice known as vanity sizing. okay. in asia the store is now offering items in size 000. that is the equivalent of an extra extra extra small for someone with a waist of 23 inches. someone called that move dishonest. but they have something to say about it this morning. saying we are simply addressing the demand coming from asia for
8:12 am
smaller sizes. our sizes typically run big and the asia market tends to run small. they say it is not vanity sizing. you know about vanity sizing. >> tell the fellas. >> basically a lot of women don't want to buy a larger size, so many retailers, not necessarily j. crew will call a larger size a smaller size. >> you've caught onto this? >> of course we have. and it's trickery. and if you buy a size u.s. and you look at a uk size, italian, they're all different numbers. it's a head game for women. and a lot of us fall for it. >> if you makes you feel better for whatever superficial reason and you're walking around more confident, there's something to it. >> just lie to yourself. >> you've got to have smaller and smaller and smaller sizes. >> we don't have vanity sizes. that's it. there's a tape measure.
8:13 am
>> i'm just thinking guys go into a store, do you have any pants. those are fine. we often report here on airline horror stories, but we have a nice story about a pilot to tell you. he went beyond the call of duty. a flight delay and emergency landing because of severe weather left his passengers tired and hungry. so what did he do? he called dominos pizza and ordered 50 pies for them. paying out of his own pocket. >> that's cool. >> passenger s had to sit on th tarmac for hours. >> that should come as industry standard. new rule. if you're stuck on a tarmac longer than 30 minutes, you should get something for free. >> and also the whole can of soda. >> one step at a time. >> check this one out. the united states may be out of the world cup, but there is at least one guy in this country who still has soccer fever in a big way. he's using it for good dressing up as a referee to stop people from committing some annoying
8:14 am
habits in times square. check this out. >> no. no, no, no, no. no, no, no. no selfies. you know that. you know the rules. you know you can't taic a selfie here. no. come on. yellow card. do you know where you're going? >> i don't. >> don't know where you're going. don't know what you did. you can't annoy people by walking around where you don't understand. no, no, no. you're not the real mario, you know that. you know that. you can't do that. you can't lie to people. yes, mamma mia. >> he's keeping the states of new york state safe by handing out yellow cards and even some red cards yesterday as well. >> we need more of that. >> there were some people who did not laugh. >> i'm sure there were a lot of
8:15 am
people. >> anyway, willie and craig, i know you have been waiting for this for a long time. the latest issue of people magazine gives us our first look at jessica simpson' wedding. she's there on the cover with eric johnson. and check out our dress. willie you were right on this. it is a herrera gown with gold embroidery. >> i cheated. she texted me right before. yeah. she looks great. >> looks great. >> my favorite part of the magazine is inside. take a look. savannah gave people an inside look at her beautiful baby shower held last week here in new york. and the theme was extra, extra, read all about it. guests were to bring two books. one for the baby and one for charity. there, kathie lee and hoda. >> hi, guys. how are you today? >> now, by the way, it was one of the best showers. and one of our favorite moments, i think, was when you were thanking everybody. it was beautiful.
8:16 am
you were thanking our executive producer. and the most important people in your life. >> your gorgeous husband was there. >> here's what happened. but she was a little hormonal. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. thank you for coming and thank you for being here. i can't say it better than the two most eloquent men, don and matt -- mike. >> oh! >> oh, yes. >> so awful. >> that tape will self-destruct in 30 seconds. that was so embarrassing. and in my defense, i say don and matt 50 times a day because we work so closely together. luckily i have the best husband in the world. mike. mike. mike. >> watching that happen, everybody was like -- it was hilarious. >> i was like maybe no one noticed. >> everyone noticed.
8:17 am
you didn't notice until we noticed then you noticed. >> you can watch that one over and over including her full speech. >> we love you. >> thanks for coming. >> ladies, we'll see you at 10:00. >> peace out. >> that's "what's trending" today. >> we're back wit all right.
8:18 am
back at 8:17. been a busy summer for katie couric. as you may have heard, she recently got married. >> i did. >> we're going to look at pics in a few moments. but first you're here for an important reason. stand up to cancer. >> yes. >> you've got a save the date for us. >> september 5th, 8:00 eastern time we're doing our fourth road block special. our telecast which really getting the whole world and the whole country involved in the fight against cancer. we have so far had $260 million pledged to our 12 dream teams of scientists who are working together. they're collaborating and we're coming up with some great treatments, additional treatments. you know, hopefully, fingers crossed, more and more cures for this terrible disease which takes one in every two men is diagnosed in their lifetime. one in every three women. >> the broadcast has a huge impact because it's road block
8:19 am
coverage. meaning it's on every network. >> canada is now doing a broadcast simultaneously with canadian talent. all the stars in hollywood come out and give their time so generously. 30 networks are carrying it simultaneously. so they're collaborating on this site as well including four nbc networks. obviously nbc, bravo, e, and oxygen. >> you mentioned the dream teams. there have been some real innovations and breakthroughs because of the money people have here. >> these are the best and the brightest scientists from all over the country. and institutions are working together really for the first time ever. so there's been a lot -- there's a breakthrough drug for breast cancer that is really incredibly efficacious. and also pancreatic cancer, there's a first line therapy for pancreatic cancer. which is so important to me
8:20 am
because that's the cancer that took my sister emily. you know, we've got these scientists and they're working diligently as i said collaborating. and they're really coming up with some novel treatments. very exciting. but we have to keep going. >> and this is the fourth telecast? >> the fourth. we started it in 2008. >> we'll look for that. >> i have no good segue here, but you'll appreciate that as a former host of the "today" show. we have to talk about your wedding. >> i know. look. by the way, can i take that home? thank you all for doing that beautiful collage. >> you don't have a jumbotron of your wedding? >> no. but maybe now i do. >> were you like bridezilla? what happened? >> not really. i mean, i have to say for someone who's generally fairly hyper, i was incredibly relaxed. it was very small, very intimate. as you can see, my girls and john's kids were there. they all took a part in the wedding. they read poems.
8:21 am
kerri my daughter sang "i will" by the beatles. ellie read a letter from woodrow wilson to his wife edith which was beautiful. we had an e.e. cummings poem that john's kids read. you know, it was just -- it was very, very intimate and special. the weather, i mean, i hate to be shallow, but the weather was perfect and the garden, it was in our back yard and the garden looked beautiful. we had these incredible flowers all over the place. >> you looked gorgeous in your dress. >> really? i don't know. it's a conundrum. i didn't want to be floating down an aisle. the whole thing felt a little awkward, you know. but i thought that was an appropriate dress. i don't know. i'm glad you liked it. i didn't know what i was doing. i picked it, like, five days before the wedding. >> god bless. you didn't have any stress about that. >> it just felt right and
8:22 am
perfect. so i just wasn't nervous at all about any of it. any of the planning. john did a lot of it, because i was crazed. i have this documentary coming out, i was wrapping up my show. kerri graduated from high school. crazy, crazy time. >> looked so beautiful. classy affair. no one did the macarena or anything? >> we did not do the macarena. we did dance. we dropped it like it was hot, yeah. we do d a little dancing at the oend end of the night. i'm glad matt and howard stern did not crash my wedding. >> they wanted to. >> he said they were going to have that whole plan. would you think that was funny? i said no. >> in a word, no. >> they stopped by maybe after the ceremony, but they were talking about getting in the pool and having wet suits on and popping up in the middle of the vows. i was like, no, no, no. that wasn't what i was trying to achieve. >> katie, it's great to see you.
8:23 am
congratulations. your hubby is a doll. >> thank you. i feel very lucky. he's a wonderful person. and he's so funny. >> yes, i know. >> makes me laugh all the time. >> you're a match with him. >> i'm not as funny as he is. >> i don't know if i believe that. >> by the way, you look fantastic. how are you feeling? >> good, thank you. they're telling me it's just like the old days. katie keeps going on. >> i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. some things never change. i'm like, what do you mean i have 30 seconds? willie can wait. >> willie, over to you. >> we just made tamron's speech 30 seconds long. it's no problem at all. >> my favorite part. no macarena? come on, katie. >> what can i say. >> good to see you. welcome back. a baby's first birthday is always a big deal. when you're a member of the first family, it's watched around the world. tamron is here with the exclusive look at prince george's first year. >> it's been a year, willie. okay. well, you still have two weeks
8:24 am
until prince george turns one on july 21. but excitement is already building. in the latest issue of "vanity fair," royal insiders give the scoop on everything. it was the birth heard around the world. for months we anxiously awaited the arrival of a future king. then finally saw him in the fresh. not a typical introduction for a baby, seen far anything but a typical baby's first year. >> he is an international style icon. he's racked up air miles like you just couldn't believe. so i would describe it as a bumper year for prince george. >> reporter: for "vanity fair's" latest issue, the writer gives an inside look to george's first year complete with this revealing headline. prince of wails. >> he's got a set of lungs on him.
8:25 am
>> reporte >> kate said he cried a lot. they didn't appoint a nanny until several months after the birth. they wanted to experience the ups and downs. >> reporter: it's a temperament thing that concerned will and kate when they brought their son overseas this year. >> they were worried how he would cope with the jet lag and the heat and the attention. but i think they managed it amazingly well. and on the rare occasion that prince george came out, he looked for healthy. very unphased by the cameras kicking his legs happily enjoying all the attention and stealing the show. >> reporter: meanwhile back home, the nanny they eventually did hire sounds more like james bond than mary poppins. >> she comes from possibly the best training ground she could, which is the norland college. they produce the best nannies in the world. these are super nannies who can escape from the paparazzi. they're trained in high-speed
8:26 am
driving. >> there's no official celebration yet, at least a word on it yet. >> thanks tamron. we're a very good wednesday morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a reminder, if you park in redwood city, starting today, rates in downtown redwood city will double, from 50 cents to $1 per hour. it includes parking in the lot next to the redwood city caltrans station. city leaders decided to raise those rates before levi stadium opens next month in hopes of keeping people from using redwood city as a hub to get to santa clara. let's check that morning commute and see how people are getting around right now. >> good morning, laura. looking to the south bay. still slow from 101. better than it was half an hour ago. look at your surface streets from the northbound routes. starting to simmer down. 280 at 85, a new crash has things tied up heading towards that interchange in cupertino. heading up past pageville road
8:27 am
for a good slow drive there. west 84, got a call from my friend, antonio. he says, yes, indeed, there is a crash 84 as you're approaching 680, your commute just past that ge plant. a few cars lost their bumpers and that's the reason it's very slow out of livermore. should have been taken that route. looking over toward the rest of the bay, a smoother drive toward the bay bridge, but 880 continues to slow down. back to you. >> thank you very much. i'll have another local news update for you in half an hour. see you then. no rush, andy.
8:28 am
come on. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can
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♪ 8:30 now on a wednesday morning. it's the 9th of july 2014. pretty day out here on the plaza. feeling good. heating up a little bit. we want to remind everybody, come back tomorrow. you should come back tomorrow. do you know why? we have a concert from john legend right here. it's going to be great. and don't forget friday as well we have a concert -- just had a pregnancy brain moment. who's your concert on friday again? >> friday. fifth harmony.
8:31 am
yeah. john legend, fifth harmony. back-to-back coming up tomorrow and friday. coming up today, we'll head into the kitchen for day three of our super simple chicken recipes. this morning, the secret ingredient to make your chicken really stand out. plus are you throwing a party this weekend? are you having guests this weekend? we're so social. anyway, entertainer of the year here to help us. everything from the flatware, sheets, up to 89% off. >> you don't have an outdoor bed? >> step your game up. >> maybe. >> oh, my gosh. >> what's going on with you? just deep breaths i'm just going to do weather. a chance of showers and storms across the southeast. in atlanta it's a little cloudy right now.
8:32 am
it will get cloudy as the showers get closer. 3:00 to 8:00 tonight we could end up with some of those storms. also a slight risk of stronger storms through nebraska and kansas this afternoon. hail acknowledge and damaging wind gusts. monsoonal moisture keeps the 8:32. taking a peek outside in pacifica. mostly cloudy sky here. meanwhile, we are nice and sunny in san jose and the same clear, bright sunny sky over antioch. for now, we are going to see those mid-level clouds increase as we head throughout the day today, but temperature wise, hard to beat, 82 in the south bay, by july standards in the bay area. 64 for san francisco and 76 degrees on the east shore. as we head throughoutdays, temp really stay steady, only ramping up those numbers to the low 80s in the south bay. this portion of today is brought to you by citi. >> all right. now to a major announcement months in the making about a special concert that will happen
8:33 am
in new york city. it comes from oscar nominee hugh jackman. take a look. >> hi. hugh jackman here. i'm excited to be a host this year of the global citizens festival in central park where thousands of global citizens will gather together to convince world leaders to end extreme poverty by the year 2030. this is going to be the biggest year by far. and we're so excited that nbc and msnbc are going to be our partners to take our message around the world. we will see you in september. >> we will, indeed. thank you, hugh jackman. here to tell us more about the global citizen festival is another hugh. hugh, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the central park festival. who will you have? >> we're excited to announce that jay z together with no doubt will headline the global citizen festival. it's going to be amazing.
8:34 am
>> it is going to be wonderful. you'll have huge crowds. the people can't buy tickets, they have to earn tickets. can you explain that? >> that's right. people have to go to the website and have to take action in order to earn tickets. all the actions they take score them points. they can use those points to enter the festival for free. we're giving away 48,000 free tickets. >> well, it's going to be quite a show september 27th. hugh evans, thank you so much. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> now over to hoda. it is time for backstage pass. that's what these orange vests are for right here. trying to see what unique things our fans can do. today two people are going to be honorary anchors. you're going to come inside. you're going to sit on the couch. and you are going to read the teleprompter. the two lucky people who are going to come inside with me and
8:35 am
take to the anchor chair are meg and matt from tennessee. come on out. are you ready? >> i'm so ready! >> okay. we're going to go inside and get them mic'd up. >> hoda, thanks a lot. let's get now to more of our special week-long series, super simple chicken recipes. we scoured hundreds of cookbooks and websites to find the best chicken recipes of all times. this morning we're making fried chicken with the help of marcus samuelsson from red roosr here in new york city. as always our esteemed panel are standing by for a taste. good to see you. >> good to see you. so you've got your own twist on the classic. everybody loves fried chicken. what's different about yours? >> well, i'm starting with bone in. legs and thighs. that is the way to get the juicy chicken. >> you don't do breasts? >> i like breasts, but -- >> sorry, i walked into that one.
8:36 am
my bad. >> anyway, back to the chicken. so i -- you know, we're going to marinate it. a little bit of buttermilk and coconut milk. and a little bit of garlic. when you do this classic like fried chicken, it's all about putting your own personality and twist to it. i have two things. my marinade and also my shake which is full of beautiful spices. >> what do we have in the shake? >> i'm from ethiopia. basically smoked paprika, ginger, salt. to add your own personality. whatever your family likes, make your own shake. put your spices in. >> all of it? wow. we're going big here. >> and then you put a bit of the spice blend in the marinade. stir that. >> okay. >> then we're just going to put that in. put the chicken in. stir that. >> give it a bath in here. >> this can marinade overnight or two hours minimum. >> all right.
8:37 am
>> this is quick. so we just got to take them out and then just put this in the beautiful flour mix. >> what's in there? >> a little bit of corn starch and regular flour and some of that marinade. just a bit of the spices. we're going to dust it just like that. and then we're going to fry it. a low heat about 300. >> 300 degrees, all right? you don't have to have a deep fryer at home. put oil on the stove top. >> you can put it in the skillet. great way to fry chicken in the skillet. because you don't want to put too much oil in. then it can just overflow. you fry like this. look at that. that looks good, right? >> how long does that go in at 300 degrees? >> since we're cooking bone in, fry for about 15 minutes. dark meat, bone in. and then when you take them out, that's when you put the spice on. you want to do that -- spice blend on.
8:38 am
depending on what your family likes or friends like. but you can do it pretty hot. >> right when it comes out is the best time to hit it with the mix. >> because it sticks right there. >> all right. i want to check in with our panel downstairs in the studio. >> panel can't talk. panel's mouth is full. >> it has a kick to it. >> i love the coconut with it. >> tamron worried about getting the chicken grease on her yellow pants. >> i'm willing to sacrifice my pants for this chicken. >> it's good. it's a perfect kick. >> what kind of oil is that it's fried? >> frying it in peanut oil. for example, if you're frying chicken for kids, maybe you want to use canola oil. because a lot of kids have peanut allergies. so low heat and then you're just going to make that skin crispy. >> dig in, willie. >> it gets juicier because you're frying it bone in. >> my gosh. that's good. >> juicy. >> this is how you make it at red rooster? >> we do. >> i've been there, and it's not
8:39 am
called fried chicken. it's called yard bird. so good. and if this recipe has too much kick for you at the end, put whatever you want in the mix. >> absolutely. then the next thing. if you have leftovers, the best fried chicken sandwich the next day, absolutely delicious. >> take the s out though. >> love the yard bird. >> look him up at red rooster in harlem. thumbs up? >> we agree? >> ready for my next one. >> delicious. thank you. see you soon. tomorrow we'll help you tackle a simple roast chicken. good to and download the recipe. share your finished products like these users did. chicken under a brick. #usesupersimplechicken. up next, a special home entertaining version of steals and deals. including where to find a fancy blender. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
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8:42 am
all right. we're back with a special edition of steals and deals this morning. all about home entertaining. jill martin is here with the bargains. good morning to you. >> i was so busy staring at your belly, i didn't know we were started. >> we have to get comfortable at home. we have trash cans today? >> this is all about entertaining. you're having guests over. you'll be having a lot of guests over. okay. we're starting with the bath bungalow bathroom set. retail $192. it's a six-piece set. so made of bamboo and ceramic. the hamper, waste basket, tray container and toothbrush holder. the deal $57. >> one of the cutest hampers i've ever seen. >> okay.
8:43 am
the flat ware set, retail $79. one tablespoon, one fork, one knife, one teaspoon, one knife fork, and one coffee spoon. if you're a party of one, you get one set. you get it. retail, 79. then the deal is $24. >> modern looking. >> you can buy accordingly. you can spruce up your evening dinner at the table. this is major. this is the provita blender. retail $99. it's a juice and smoothie. then it comes right out and you take it with you. >> i love it. >> it's really easy. dishwasher safe. it can also grind coffee. so double duty. >> vegetables in it too. >> everything. the deal $29. 71% off. >> that's amazing. people are really into these
8:44 am
blenders. >> a lot of people. juicing is popular and healthy and you can do it at home. >> good deal on that one. this is bath products? >> perfectly beauty pure. there's two sets. this is the complete argan set and the complete coconut set. you get the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and the oil. so you can keep this in a guest room or bring it as a hostess gift. the retail $52 to $66. the deal for the whole set, $18. up to 73% off. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> this is super pretty and comes already in the gift box. i love how delicate this is. the retail $168 to $288. it's for the choice of earrings or necklaces. 14 karat gold plated flack e p.
8:45 am
you see it all coming in this beautiful box and pouch. the deal $49. up to 89% off. >> that is amazing. so $49 for any one of these pieces? >> any one of them. either the earrings or the necklace. but stock up on these. beautiful gift. >> kind of a smokey gray. >> if you go online you can clearly see it. may be hard to see out here. >> love a duvet cover. these are gorgeous colors. tell us about it. okay. >> let's get into bed here in 108 degree weather. the retail $189 to $199. starting rumors here. egyptian cotton sheets and duvet set. either you get the duvet or flat and fitted sheet set. retail $189 to $199. the deal $55. up to 72% off.
8:46 am
and we don't come with the deal. >> i don't feel weird at all. how about you? >> no. lie on the plaza. >> actually it feels very nice and actually pretty light and cool for summer notwithstanding the fact it's 95 degrees out. >> yes. and fun colors. >> thank you so much. let's run through the products one more time. the bathroom bungalow. flat ware. blenders from provita. jewelry from riccova and duvet or sheets. go to the steals and deals page on thank you. coming up next, the life of a true pioneer. what you don't know about neil armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back now a backt at 8:48 with a new lok in one of man's greatest achievements. it's been 45 years since neil armstrong first set foot on the moon. we have cover the space program from the very beginning and has written a new book "kneel armstrong, a life of flight." good to see you. this is something to me because we have read a lot about neil armstrong. you all were friends. you had conversations with him that nobody else had. what don't we know about neil armstrong? >> you know, the one thing, most people know he was reclusive and held back but they didn't know his sense of humor. for example, one day he walked into the astronaut office and one of them said, hi, neil, i passed by your house last night. and neil simply said thank you, and kept walking. >> so he was a funny guy.
8:50 am
but he was a reluctant american people. wanted to to see him out more. he didn't really embrace that role. >> he never thought of himself as being anything special while everyone around him did. he felt like the other apollo astronauts could have handled it just as well as he did. but, you know, the people, the bosses at the top, because he got himself out of so many tight situations. he was constantly studying. he was constantly preparing himself for whatever he did. and they saw in neil probably the best person to have there to make the first step on another place other than earth. >> july 20th, 1969. coming up on 45 years ago. neil armstrong stepped on the moon and famously says one small step for man. what did he tell you about that moment and that experience being up there? god knows the rest of us can only imagine.
8:51 am
>> we have three minutes here this morning. i'll put it off and tell you read the book. because we, we talked about this. now, i never broke a trust. confidence is not broken in this book. but i put everything in there that i could put in there talking to trusted friends and also neil before neil took off. he and i did several stories together. in fact, the last story he and i did together. and in july of 2012 on and he passed a month after that. >> fair to say. we will read about it in the book. i want to ask, too, jay, about our space program. a lot of people think about it in a history book. they think about neil armstrong, "apol"apollo 13", the challenge >> most people on earth weren't even here when neil made that
8:52 am
step. anybody under 45 years old, like yourself, willie, weren't here when neil made the step on the moon. neil felt we should continue to explore. meaning, get out of earth orbit, the cradle. the earth is our cradle. it's a spacecraft 8,000 miles in diameter. we can't live here forever. we have to get off. if the human race is going to survive we have got to learn how to live farther and farther away in the solar system. that's what neil has led us to do. >> the back is "kneel armstrong, a life of flight." jay, one of the great treasures of this country. good to see you. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. k in a m. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
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♪ all right. we're back at 8:54. packed here. >> can we talk about meg and matt. they were freaking out outside when we found them. total in freakout mode. i told them they got to anchor a little bit of the show. what did you guys think? >> if i could do anything, if i could have done anything, it would have been to anchor this show. can you believe it? >> you're along for the ride. >> i'm along for the ride.
8:55 am
i'm eye candy. >> we have russ and colleen. >> and your mom. your parents are in hotel rooms in new york watching. >> they chose not to get up. you snooze you lose. >> good news is they're about to see you read the news. >> i'm so excited. >> before we get to that moment, what's coming up at 9:00? >> all kinds of stuff. >> you have no idea, do you? >> you know, it's the food hacks. >> i love that segment. >> show you how to peel garlic. >> which i don't know how to do properly. >> that's why you get the minced auto store. >> i do weather. >> go get some news. >> all right, kids. are you ready? >> this is the big moment. the prompter is yours, meg. >> coming up, must-have tips to
8:56 am
make your life easier, but first your local news. well, good morning, everyone. 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. a very expensive convertible was stolen off the streets of palo alto. it's been found in pasadena. looks a bit like this one. it made news because the owner had parked it on the street in may, but didn't notice it was missing until the end of june. no arrests in the case so far. until we can hire someone from tennessee. let's turn to christina for the
8:57 am
weather. >> i think i left my bentley outside. we're looking good out there, in san francisco. a beautiful day shaping up. 64 degrees, we're going to keep that fog going, at least for the next couple of hours. then it will burn off and you will get some sunshine. meanwhile, expecting those mid-level clouds to really increase, temperature at 82. a little humid out there in the south bay. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
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from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" this wednesday morning, july 9 presideth, 2014. al is off. natalie on assignment in alaska. we're going to check in with her tomorrow. we'll see what she's been doing up there. >> i've been following her on instagram. she's at glacier. it's beautiful. but really cold. she's tough. >> we'll talk to her tomorrow. my gosh. did you see the world cup game? >> i saw the aftermath of it. people crying. >> brazil, the host nation, they had high hopes for playing in the semifinal. they wanted to win the world cup
9:01 am
on their home soil. not even close yesterday. blown out by germany 7-1. 7-1. that's unheard of at this level. germany scored five goals in the first 30 minutes of the game. it was the first time brazil has lost a competitive match on its home soil in 39 years. and their worst loss since 1920. the match scored a bunch of memes. what would oprah have said watching this game yesterday? what would oprah have said? there it is. you get a goal. you get a goal. everybody gets ka goal. and we saw a lot of this one. christ the redeemer statue in rio weeping. >> it was bad. i had someone this morning admit they cried. american but they were rooting for brazil. >> they cried? >> that's what he said. guys don't normally admit that.
9:02 am
what's really going on in your life. tell me what's going on. >> it was incredible because brazil, they lost their best player to that bad injury, but still viewed as maybe not the favorites. >> i didn't know you could score seven in soccer. it's always like 2-1, 0-0. >> there's another big game today. argentina and the netherlands for the right to move on and play germany. george clooney very rarely speaks out about his personal life. he's lashed out at great britain's "daily mail" accusing them of publishing a story that was false. the sorry said his fiance amal's mom said she's against the marriage for religious reasons and would rather have her marry someone in the their own
9:03 am
religion. he said amal's mom hasn't been to beirut since they started dating. and went on to say the irresponsibility in this day and age to exploit religious differences where none exist is dangerous. we have family members all over the world and the idea that someone would inflame any part of that world for the sole reason of selling papers should be criminal. "daily mail" heard about this this morning. this was the response. the mailonline story was not a fabrication but supplied in good faith by a reputable and trusted freelance journalist. we have launched a full investigation. now they have removed that piece from the website. celebrities usually ignore this kind of stuff. clearly this touched a nerve because he thinks it's bigger than him. it could inflame something larger. >> absolutely. i read the original article that was up, and it certainly -- if it's not fabricated, then what is it? i know in their response they say it's not a fabricated story.
9:04 am
but she's not druze. and she hasn't been to beirut. i mean, if that's not fabrication, then what does it fall under? but good for him for sticking up for his new family. he brought her into his world of celebrity. it's her choice to accept his proposal and decide to be his wife, but you know what? solid on him for speaking up for his family. he doesn't chase the tabloids when they say this one's pregnant or that one or other rumors about him. but this one he called at face value. >> it's like when a celebrity that big does come out and say something, it's a big deal. >> good for him for calling b.s. on it. >> what are we doing here? >> i know the people in brazil are weeping, but t.h. is happy today. the annual body issue. espn does it every year. they six covers of some amazing people. one of hi favorite in the world, venus williams featured there. i would never have the confidence to stand there in that way.
9:05 am
michael phelps, great athletes. but it's the bottom cover. >> bottom left. >> bottom left of the texas rangers first baseman prince fielder that had me up all night. i saw it, clicked on it in the middle of the day. and -- >> in a good way or bad way? like haunting your dreams? >> i couldn't stop thinking about it. he would pop in my mind. the picture of him would pop in my mind. >> okay. and because you liked it? >> i loved it. i love it. and not for, like -- reasons. but because it was spectacular confidence. i mean, look at him. he's got what some would traditionally refer to as a gut. i don't call it that, but that's what some would refer to it as. but the pose, the confidence, everything about it is he seems like a greek god. >> listen, he is a big, strong man. he has -- i mean, he is.
9:06 am
what i'm saying is some people are saying he doesn't have the right kind of body. he's a fit guy. he's a big, strong guy. he's a slugger. he's always looked that way. she's the body he's had since he came in the major leagues. i think it's a cool picture. the tattoos are cool. >> there's one tattoo that -- this is another reason i was thinking about it. there's a strategically placed, like, woman's face right on the side of the tummy. so i started counting his tattoos last night. >> my gosh. >> i was counting his tattoos. he also released a statement in which he basically says everyone has a different body type. he is in shape to perform at the top of this game for what he does in his job. i mean, i love it. >> we've got a get you a netflix account. something to do at night so you don't have to just -- >> willie. >> it's a cool picture. >> there are some people who say and asked the question if this
9:07 am
was a woman, a female athlete who wasn't in the shape of venus williams, what would we say about it? i haven't delved that deeply into it. but there are some people who are asking. does he get more kudos because he's a guy opposed to if it was a woman? >> i guess so. i haven't thought about it either. >> some people are asking. i don't know. all right. you know what? this is a moment in time that -- just pause for a second. put the kid down. and put yourself in jimmy fallon's wife's shoes. last night halle berry was a guest on the tonight show. she and jimmy fallon showed off their gymnastics skills. this is a human hamster wheel. >> halle, should we show them how we roll? >> let's do it. >> let's show them how we roll. all right. now, i promise i'm not going to
9:08 am
look at anything. i promise. just trust me. i'm not. all right. all right, i peeked. >> you're not looking. >> tell me when to go. >> one, two, three, go. >> okay. again, if you're jimmy's wife -- and this is why i wore pants today. i never wear pants. but i thought willie was going to ask me to do a hamster wheel. >> no. you don't want to see me do that. it's a good feat of acrobatics. >> look at that. and would you peek? >> she's got to have spanx on,
9:09 am
right? >> but would you peek? >> no. that would be wrong. ethically, professionally, morally, and other reasons. your morals. there's your man right there, prince fielder. jimmy fallon, though, is there anyone else on the face of the earth who could go to a celebrity like halle berry with that pitch and she'd say let's do it. >> he is really funny. and he gets people out of their element which is what i'm trying to get you to do. >> you really want to do the hamster wheel? >> not today. we will work on it and bring you our version coming to a theater near you. >> there will be neck injuries. our show "today" now simulcast on sirius xm 108. we want to know what do you see right now? passengers only. passengers only. if you're driving, eyes on the road. take a safe picture if you're a passenger. could be out the window of the car. we want to know where you are as you're listening to us on sirius
9:10 am
xm "today" channel 108. >> so you're the driver. i'll demonstrate for safety. >> am i driving? >> you got a cadi. in the ferrari. boom. dylan, that's how you safely take a photograph and then send it to us. >> as long as you're driving like this, right? >> you got it. >> what car were you in in your mind? >> that was a '64 impala. yeah. with spinners and lifts. >> take it down there. too much. >> what's going on, dylan? >> also take a pic of the car you're in. we are going to see scattered showers across the southwest. it's monsoon season. you get some heavy downpours, some that bring the wind gusts without the downpours and we end up with dust storms. so far so good in salt lake city, but scattered showers and storms will become more numerous later on this evening. temperatures today, 93 for a high. we could see some areas picking
9:11 am
up an inch or so of rainfall. you could end up with higher amounts. elsewhere across the country, we have the stationary front in the southeast. and also a sli 9:11 now. taking a live look at the sky over tiburon. still mostly cloudy here, but you can vaguely make out the golden gate bridge here off in the distance. i'm going to show you now what it looks like on the actual bridge. socked in with fog at this hour. as we head throughout the day today, we are going to see plenty of clouds at the coast, but a nice sunny sky over your inland valley spots. humidity, it's going to stick around for one more day. and as we head through tomorrow, it will be drier. drier air mass returns for the bay area. 64 in san francisco. >> and that's yourt latest forecast. guys? thanks a lot. coming up, paper towels versus ow dryers.
9:12 am
>> i like paper towels. >> we've got some medical experts on hand with the latest health headlines a this. [ female announcer ] you never know what messes you'll run into while dusting. compared to a dry duster, a can of pledge picks up more dust and cleans 100% of messes. pledge multi surface. dusts better. cleans more. ♪ ♪
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well, it is time now for health headlines when we give you a dose of the latest medical buzz. after hearing one of them, your bathroom habits will never be the same. >> there's a tease. dr. sampson davis is an e.r. physician with the meadowlands hospital center. and dr. leigh at lsu shreveport. good to see you this morning. let's start with headlines from the news this morning. several virals of smallpox found in a closet at the national institutes of health. what does that tell you? >> it's like finding the forgotten mittens. the nih reported they found viles of smallpox from 1950 in an unused lab. they did the right thing. they reported it to the cdc. and they are transporting the viles of smallpox to test and
9:16 am
make sure that everything's okay. that it's not something that's going to cause infection. now, smallpox is a very deadly virus in the 20th century in which it killed over 500 million people. they're being responsive and transparent about this issue. >> nothing to be worried about here? >> i don't know. i find it a little disconcerting. there are only supposed to be two places that have it in the world. in russia in a lab and the cdc. and they casually mentioned by the way in an old storage room, a bit of smallpox. like your crazy uncle bill found a live grenade from world war ii in his closet. so i find it a little disconcerting. >> all right. >> but no threat. >> no. not now. >> we'll marinade on that. all right. journal of pediatrics published a report saying childhood vaccines are generally safe. of course this is in a climate right now we're seeing an uptick in measles, for example. where does this report stand as far as the side effects that
9:17 am
some vaccines can have? >> so every vaccination has side effects. sometimes you may have a fever, may have a bit of diarrhea. in particular like rotovirus itself can cause that. and so the studies show there's been a decrease in this blockage with the vaccination. but this study again is a very great study. it showed there is no link between autism and vaccinations. and the major side effects are very limited and the benefit of the vaccination outweighs the risk. >> despite all this evidence there isn't really a link there, there are a lot of people that still feel that. a parent gets worried if they take their child for a vaccination, they could have side effects that lead to long-term problems. >> there was a british medical journal that was the original back in 1998 that said there's
9:18 am
maybe a link. and they said it's a big elaborate fraud since then. we have a short memory. we forgot when tens of thousands of children died every year from communicable diseases. we don't see it. on the news you'll hear about one kid that has a strep infection that makes the news. think about 15,000 kids have died before there was a vaccination. >> changing topics, we brought this up earlier. "the wall street journal" came out with a report, final information on how to dry your hands in the bathroom. willie is a dryer. i'm a towel. which of us is healthier? >> i personally being full of hot air, but i'm a towel person. i'll tell you why i subscribe to the matt lauer journal in microbiology where you don't touch anything in a bathroom right? you wash your hands and the towels you just motion detector it. you dry and you touch the door
9:19 am
handle. i'm not sure the predecessor did a good job washing their hands before they touched the handle. so i'm a towel girl. >> isn't there a risk about becoming complete germ free to the point we're no longer immune to anything. >> i think we've been exposed to enough germs that won't be an issue. but with dryers -- >> work with me, doctor. >> willie has a theory. >> wash your hands. >> willie has a theory that we turn these into these germaphobes and that's just not normal. >> i'm a clean person, but i don't obsess like other people. >> again with this study in particular, the electric dryer company and the paper towel company, there's a race to the finish line. and ultimately who's going to win is the most cost efficient, the most eco-friendly. so that would be the winner at the oend the day. >> plus there's paper towels all over the floor of the bathroom. >> it's not good to leave your hands wet and then shake someone's hand.
9:20 am
doctors, thank you. up next we'll get you caught up on all the news you need to know before you walk out the door. and later, keeping your guacamole green. we've got some kitchen secrets for you. >> i love these. >> right after this. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. breo may increase your risk of pneumonia, thrush, osteoporosis,
9:21 am
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9:23 am
taking a look at head looibs right now. ford is recalling 1,000 vehicles in america because of leakry roofs. flex, escape suv, and the edge. ford says it will contact owners and will fix the problems. young adolescents spend a lot of time in front of television and computer screens. now we know how much. 7% of people aged 12 to 15 watch television five or more hours a day. about 5% spend that much each day in front after computer. only a quarter of the kids are following the recommendation. a new study suggests children who are over-scheduled
9:24 am
may run into unexpected problems. that study by the university of colorado finds the more time that kids spend in structures activities, the less they are able to do problem makes and decision making on their own. experts recommend finding a balance between sports, lessons, and other activities. spirit airline wants to hear from you even if it's horrible. those who do will get 8,000 spirit miles credited to their free spirit account. and in kansas, it's billed as the world's tallest water slide and it opens tomorrow. check it out. it's called tin kansas city. a 50 foot drop, that's taller than niagra falls. jill martin is going to check that out for herself today and she'll be here tomorrow to tell
9:25 am
us all about it. that's the news for now. still ahead, the best apps for that's the news for now. still ahead, the best apps for carmax is the best place to start your car search. that's the news for now. syou can test as many makesfor and models as you need to find the perfect one. great for tim, who's quite a thorough man. he's a big fan of knowing what's out there. likes to weigh his options. no matter what he's deciding on. which is why when tim needs a car, he starts where he can see a variety of them all at once. carmax. start here. and she gave me advice. she said, "dad, go pro with crest pro-health." [ male announcer ] 4 out of 5 dentists confirmed these pro-health products helped maintain a professional clean. crest pro-health really brought my mouth to the next level. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health. crest pro-health really brought my mouth to the next level. (together) it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes.
9:26 am
it's got crunch, which i love. mmm. it's really good. honey bunches of oats. yay! a very good morning to you. it is 9:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're still waiting for a verdict in the bryan stow civil trial against the dodgers, but we have heard from the jury. jurors sent a question to the judge yesterday, though the judge will not say what that question was. the jury received its answer, but still went home without reaching a verdict. they've been deliberating since last week. stow was looking for millions of dollars in damages after he was brutally beaten outside dodgers stadium three years ago. state regulators are considering hitting water wasters where it hurts, their wallets. next week, the state water resources controlled board will consider fining people who waste water $500 a day. it applies to outdoor water use, like overwatering lawns, washing down driveways, or washing cars
9:27 am
without a nozzle on the hose. firefighters are hoping someone's spending the fourth of july weekend at lake berryessa will help them figure out how a large wildfire started. the monticello fire is 74% contained this morning. it's burned near 6500 acres. those who call in with a tip can remain anonymous. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back, now. the time is 9:28. these are your temperatures for today. although it's going to feel just a touch warmer with the additional humidity we have out there, 81 in the south bay. 64 in san francisco, and 75 degrees today on the east shore. that versus 88 degrees, that we'll see out there in the tri-valley. here's the deal. as we head throughout the next couple of days, we're going to cut off the humidity, especially for tomorrow, but we're going to hold on to really comfortable temperatures. no big swings in the near future. we'll have a full look at your weekend forecast today at 11:00. right now, let's check your drive. here's mike.
9:29 am
>> we have a full freeway, still northbound 280, look at this, coming towards us at the northbound direction, right under 880 and 17, which is still moving pretty slowly in the northbound direction as well. the maps show you right here, center screen and northbound, up towards lawrence expressway, where we had an earlier crash in that backup. a couple of other crashes moving out of the roadway. 101 and 85 starts to recover, but 85 around 280, we had an earlier crash as well, causing more slowing through cupertino. most of your bay looking pretty nice on both sides of the bay and crossing the san mateo and bay bridge, looking lighter. >> thank you very much. we'll be back with another local news update for you in about half an hour. we'll see you then. have a great morning.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's wednesday, july the 9th, 2014. i'm willie geist with tamron hall. al is off. natalie is on assignment. we'll check in with her tomorrow. if you've got kids, you've had this thing built up in your mind. they're going to be so excited when you break the news to them. sometimes the reactions are magic. sometimes not so much. like when these two kids were told you're going to disney world. >> there's a clue in your bag. look in your bag, gavin. nope. what is it? >> disney world.
9:31 am
[ screaming ] we're going to disney world. >> what? >> disney world. [ crying ] >> oh, my god. poor little guy. >> what did he think they said? >> i don't know. maybe the big furry animals scare him or something. >> he's like -- and he's got the ugly cry on. i love that. >> sometimes kids don't like being on the spot like that. so the first child was excited and then the other kid was like, i don't know what's happening right now. i bet if we check in again, gavin's very excited they're going to orlando. >> i'm pretty excited. my nieces are coming to town. i'm going have babies for five days. not alone though. let's check in with dylan. >> i'm dying to know where gavin wanted to go. >> universal.
9:32 am
the new diagon alley. >> of course. >> of course. we'll check back in with him. we've got stronger storms today in parts of the plains states. once again. nebraska and kansas could see strong damaging wind gusts. also down across the southeast where it's hot and humid ahead of this stationary front, scattered showers and storms. and moisture from the south keeps the monsoonal storms around in the southwest. same story for tomorrow although we don't really have a risk of strong storms anywhere across the country. but run of the mill downpours with your larger hail possible. and also your lightning. in the middle of the country it does look nice. we're looking for lower temperatures with lower humidity. we should drop 9:32, happy wednesday. i'm meteorologist christina loren. these are your current temperatures, mostly in the 60s at this point. we've got a pretty good-looking day shaping up.
9:33 am
66 in mountain view. 65 in san jose with a mostly clear sky overhead. you can see the sunshine beating down on all those cars. sunol showing you a beautiful clear sky. meanwhile, plenty of fog lingering over san francisco. high today of 77 for the north bay, 77 for the peninsula as well. east shore is at 75. 88 in the tri-valley. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thanks a lot. if you've ever been frustrated peeling a hard boiled egg, frustrated when your guacamole turns brown, we're here to unlock the kitchen secrets. >> good morning. >> good morning, tamron. hi, willie. >> outside of princefielder naked on that magazine, this is the favorite thing of the day. >> again with prince fielder. >> we're launching in with the first important thing. how do you peel a bunch of garlic without getting your hands sticky and stinky. right here. you have just these two bowls. any bowls. and an entire head of garlic. don't do anything.
9:34 am
invert the bowl, shake shake shake shake. >> you've got that. >> shake more. >> come on, shake it up. >> what i love about this is there's so many recipes -- >> let's see what you got. >> oh, my gosh. what? it worked. i mean, of course i did it. look at this. >> well done. nice job, willie. i love that. that's a great trick. you don't have to do anything. >> put it in there and shake. that's it. it works better with garlic's that's a little bit older. not fresh, fresh, fresh garlic. let me tell you about boiling eggs. people have problems peeling once boiled. use older eggs. not old eggs, just older eggs. because they don't hold together as tightly. using boiling water with cold eggs, that helps. putting a bit of vinegar in the water helps.
9:35 am
and now we're just going to shake this peel. you're going to do it too. there's a little water, a hard boiled egg in here, and we're going to shake the peel right off the egg. >> shake. shake. you're going to hear it. it's going to come apart. >> oh, it is coming apart. look at that. >> i think it's off. mine's off. what about you guys? you made soup. >> egg drop soup. it's delicious. >> that's a cautionary tale of what to do. >> so not too hard. here's whatnot to do. >> that's gross. >> this is how we did these. >> i shook too hard. this is huge. >> help us. >> it's a nightmare. i love making guacamole early so you don't have to do it easier. some people say put the pits in it, but i don't like the chucks. you put a little bit of water on top. so that creates a barrier.
9:36 am
then you put -- can you cut this off? >> yeah. >> be careful. >> you want to do it so it's flat -- >> be careful. >> then you need to get it mushed all the we down. >> lightly. >> pat, pat, pat. once you have a seal, it won't oxidize or go brown. >> won't it make it watery. >> no you just pour it out. it won't affect the flavor. some people put lime in, but that affects the flavor. you can keep it up to 24 hours. now, how do you make confectioner sugar if you don't have any? so you can put that cup of sugar in there. >> in this thing? >> yeah. >> the blender, yeah. in the industry it's called a blender. >> and some corn starch. >> okay. >> and then we're going to do this for two minutes. we're going to get this in
9:37 am
there. and once -- >> are you kidding me? >> and then here it is. that's all. this for you guys to eat. >> i'm going to pit you guys against each other. i'm here all day. how do you pit cherries? all you need a cherries, chop sticks, there you go. stem side down and then just puncture it. did yours go in? >> mine went in. >> he's one ahead of you. >> he messed up the egg. >> now you're just -- >> thank you very much. >> homicide. what'd you do here? >> next we have a travel app for the summer that includes -- what? i can't see now because i'm focused on -- >> it's one to find and translate street signs where you go. after this.
9:38 am
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♪ ♪ oh, her eyes ♪ her eyes ♪ make the stars look like they're not shinin'. ♪ her hair, her hair, ♪ ♪ falls perfectly without her trying. ♪ ♪ she's so beautiful, ♪ and i tell her every day. ♪ you're amazing, just the way you are. ♪ don't miss all the latest amazing stories right at your fingertips. people love people. with summer officially underway, many of us may have vacation on the brain, but planning a trip can be a little more complicated than we like. >> we will show you some great apps to make your travel easier. natalie morris, always good to see you. you have cool stuff. let's jump in. jet pack. what is it? >> normally you see travel guides and see promotional
9:42 am
photos. jet pack pulls instagram feeds and it'll show you places you might like to go. it'll show you kind of fun categories. like ten hipster hangouts. if you need to find those because how else do they know where to go? i don't know. it will show you feeds of this place in moscow with other hi hipsters if you want to go there. >> you'll decide whether or not it's a good crowd to hang out with. >> not my people, but yeah. the hipsters. yeah. >> so world lens. this one's pretty cool. translates different languages in realtime. >> realtime word translation. and you don't have to have a data connection. this might keep you from walking in the men's room if you're not a man. right? so you can tell it what language to translate. we're going to try one here. this is german. it says auf verkauf. we're going to translate into
9:43 am
english. just hold up the ipad and the camera will translate it. you don't even have to be online. it stores these dictionaries. >> is it working? >> yeah. >> on sale. my favorite two words. >> would you have known that otherwise? >> no. >> you point click at a sign and it is doing it. >> it's reading it through the camera. >> does the word have to be a certain font size? >> also a german word. >> it'd be cheating if i told you. >> it means mind. >> no. it means spirit or ghost. but also those things. yeah. >> i think it's a mindful term. >> that's a really cool app. this one if you're planning a road trip, this is called en route. >> this gives you information of what's going on your trip. like what's the road like. is it hot? is it curvy?
9:44 am
are you prone to car sickness? you'll need to know that. you can plan a trip if you can tell it where you're going to go. then you get the data charts. is it going to be humid? are there traffic events? it'll give you a bunch of different routes to go. enter places is like your travel journ journal. you can mark it and if you go back there, you mark it in your ever place and like what is that great coffee shop? it'll give you suggestions based on where you are. >> how about world mate. >> world mate is basically your travel assistant. it keeps track of everything. your boarding passes, you can book travel that way. you can get flight status. it will put it all into your phone's calendar. you can keep track of it that way. it will also give you notifications and currency converter so you know how much you're spending. also tip calculator.
9:45 am
there's a free version that does pretty much all of this. then there's a premium version for $9.99 which i think is worth it to keep it in one spot. >> pocket earth. >> this technology is so cool. it is maps of the entire globe. here's france. and it works offline. so whenever you're traveling, it not only gives you the map of where you are but loecation-basd data. even without a data connection. how does it know where you are? gps. that's satellite. that's not on your data network. sometimes it can be expensive for the data when traveling. >> you always come with the coolest stuff. thank you. coming up next, summer fun when there's no sun. how to keep your kids occupied when the weather just won't cooperate right after this. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, you can save $400 on the all-new c4 mattress set.
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♪ the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. did you hear that, tamron? >> oh, boy. >> sounds like it's about a pour. >> it does, willie. oh, and there's lightning. >> we just exhausted our entire special effects budget for the year. rainy days can be a challenge for parents trying to keep their kids happy and busy while stuck inside. >> here is the contributor for
9:50 am
the website featuring toys and where you can buy them. meredith, good to see you. >> let's launch in because we don't want to frazzle mom and dad. >> play-doh is a tried and true toy. we're going old school but what's great is they always have new inventions and how to play with it. they've come up with these makeable kits. what i love about this is it gives them a bit of guidance. you get everything you need and a card for projects but then they can also like liam go ahead and make whatever -- >> he didn't like the thunder. >> liam did not like the thunder. sorry, buddy. are you making a shark? >> gives a little guidance, but he can be creative on his own. >> have fun, man. thunder is just pretend. >> what i'm loving is this toy by play-doh. they've kicked it up for little kids.
9:51 am
this is a design tool. you put the play-doh pops in there. you can get the kits that come where you can just design whatever you want on them. they dry overnight. you can keep them. or what we did, we got an inexpensive birdhouse from a home store. it goes on wood, glass, it doesn't stain. it's super fun. they can be really creative with it. >> you guys are rocking it. okay. >> now, we talk about kids and screens. we want to move kids beyond the screen. this is a new amazing toy called accessory on an ipad. it shows a tangram puzzle. then it rewards her when she gets it right. what we're trying to do is get kids back together playing with real toys and using the tech that they love. >> good job too. >> great. >> it also comes with great word games and invention games.
9:52 am
fantastic. >> alistair, he is a k-nex guru. if you can't get to the amusement park on a rainy day, bring it here. then you can have the motorized roller coaster car that goes all the way down. >> that's amazing. >> so imagine how long this takes to create. >> parents' dream come true. 500 pieces, never ending, see you later. >> they can can do that for a week. >> i love this new game. you give it a try. it's a simple concept, right? you take a card and you're trying to create this design. to be the first one that does that with the balls you're bouncing in. it keeps it active and fun. >> did you do maybe soda pong in
9:53 am
your day. >> some kind of upon, yes. >> we're out of time, but these are like treats you can make. >> really fun. >> thank you, guys, so much. hope you had fun. all right. yeah. they obviously love the toys when they don't respond. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. who won? did you beat willie? yeah!
9:54 am
the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
9:55 am
i'm not going to take it. >> they're talking right now -- >> you are going to take it. >> where you listen to us on sirius xm radio. here's one from andrew. took a picture of a horse on an
9:56 am
a very good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a high-end prostitute accused of murdering a google executive faced the judge this morning. santa cruz police say alex tickleman and 51-year-old forest hayes met several times before
9:57 am
his death last november. they say tickleman inject eed hayes with so much heroin on his yacht, he died moments later. she's expected to answer to seven different charges next week. investigators in san jose trying to figure out what caused a car to lose control overnight and slam into a tree. driver died at the scene. it happened at the corner of santa teresa and while officers were directing traffic in the area, newspaper delivery man struck a patrol car, but the officer is expected to be okay. i want to check the morning commute with mike. how's it looking out there. >> laura, i'm going to touch upon that crash in san jose shortly, but i want to show folks the bay bridge toll plaza over here. where traffic, look how light it is. in fact, they turned off those metering lights just about an hour ago, at 9:00. and that's very early for this to be happening on a wednesday. so light volume here. let's get to your maps. and we'll talk about what else we have. the south bay, that's what's seeing the brunt of the traffic right now. northbound routes, 101 and 280 and 85. 280 had a couple of crashes,
9:58 am
lawrence expressway, one over there clearing just north of 87 and 880 as well. and that's what's causing that late backup. you talked about that overnight deadly crash on santa teresa boulevard, that has reopened finally in both directions after quite a few hours of an investigation going on. so now you are clear between cottel and agnacio. anywhere south of the dumbarton bridge, that's typical as we condense the commute into the south bay. north routes move smoothly. same thing heading northbound 880 towards if bay bridge toll plaza. the toll plaza with meter lights are off, but the giants' game this evening in the city. >> thank you very much, mike. thank you for joining us as well. we'll be back with another local news update in about half an hour. have a good morning! call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
9:59 am
the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.
10:00 am
recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hoda, it's a greatday, wines day wednesday, july 9th. we are happy you are joining us today. thank you. >> thank you. >> no, thank you. >> thanks for all you do. >> ever so. >> good news, new study, apples may increase your sexual measure. >> which is why we have a huge full. >> humongous bowl. >> they say if you eat them it leads to better sex for women. women who have one to two apples a day -- >> keeps the doctor from making a house call. >> who i saw eating an apple today in our studio right now
10:01 am
and he is behind camera 11. jimmy was walking up the stairs eating an apple! >> we saw. >> right. >> we don't call him mountain man for nothing. >> anyway, we're going to -- take a bite. take a bite. >> completely comes off. i need a knife, please. i'm only kidding. >> so we're going to -- what are we going to do. >> big show, richard marx is here. >> i listened this morning to his new cd. >> he has the best oldies. >> these are brand new songs. remember this one. ♪ you've got me going crazy >> it's a whole new cd of songs like this. >> you love this song. >> so drenched in sexiness. here's the difference, he since every word, you know what i'm saying. they're smart lyrics. >> look at richard marx. this reminds me of slow dancing. he does slow dancing songs. >> so talented.
10:02 am
he really is. >> don't know if he can hear us or not but probably not. >> there is a huge issue of "vanity fair" coming out and they've had wonderful people on the covers. >> and naked people. >> i think this is going to be their highest selling cover ever. know who's on the cover? prince george. >> i mean don't you think everyone's going to pick up this magazine and the headline is, "the house of -- the prince of wails turns 1" and their family always looks -- look at him looking at the dog. >> he's everything right about a baby. apparently he's not perfect. we thought he was. >> what? >> he struggled with not being able to sleep the first six months of his life. >> good to know. he's not perfect. >> doesn't know he's a royal baby and shouldn't be doing that. >> the nanny is -- they hired a nanny who is a spanish born woman, her name is maria teresa bolo. >> god bless you. >> you're welcome. >> experience in self-defense, high speed driving and dealing with the paparazzi.
10:03 am
all important traits. >> and i put christine up against that lady now. >> yeah. >> with the guns baby. >> that's right. >> she's hiding. >> she's hiding. but she's here. >> did they know the sex of the baby? i don't think so, right? >> i don't remember. >> i don't think. so it's a beatrix potter theme in the little nursery. >> beautiful. he turns 1 on july 22nd. this is going to be out on newsstands soon. >> we want to know, if you have a baby, that is going to be turning 1 on his -- on prince george's birthday. >> july 22nd. >> so go to >> we want the prince to know there are other babies born that day and show them on the air. >> we just might. "people" magazine paid a lot of money for jessica simpson's wedding pictures. >> yes, they did. beautiful cover. i didn't realize jessica's father did not walk her down the aisle. >> because he's officiated.
10:04 am
>> what? there you have it. >> he was standing at the end. she could see him as she was walking down. >> i think that's interesting. all right. anyway -- >> that's a beautiful -- who read their notes, can't you? >> you can tell who read the first part of them. he wasn't -- anyway, but -- >> beautiful carolina herrera dress. >> she's in such amazing shape. looked gorgeous. >> if you peel open that "people" magazine, there's another great feature of savannah's baby shower we had for her last week and it was a fun and crazy time. peter callahan is the guy who makes -- who caters these -- some of these events for us and it was such delicious food. he makes the little baby things. he did the doughnuts on the wall which were so cute. makes like the little french fries. tiny pizza. >> so we wanted to thank him for that. >> yes. >> all right. we want to look at pictures of jennifer lawrence at fashion week in paris.
10:05 am
>> usually people are photographed because they're looking so chic and glam. jennifer lawrence was photographed for another reason because she likes to have fun. >> good for her. >> she was photographed with emma watson from "harry potter" and she gave her a face job. we called these face jobs when we were kids. she would be a fun friend to have. >> doesn't she delight you? just this attitude of -- most people at that point in life, really care about what other people think. >> yes. >> she knows a gazillion cameras are on her and she's just chomping on the gum. >> especially at a paris fashion event and with her friend. >> get like that. by the way, j. lo's outfit we didn't talk about with the one pant leg. >> you loved that, isn't you? >> one pant leg and had a slit all the way up. >> which is called pelvic -- >> pelvic -- >> pelvag sneeshgs showing your pelvic bone. >> i used to have great pelvage. i did. the bone --
10:06 am
>> went in. >> i just did. now that it's -- it's a trend, i wouldn't show mine for anything on the planet. timing is everything, hoda. >> there it is. that's a dress with a pant and -- >> there it is. >> everyone's -- we got it. >> thank you. >> all right. anyway, so we've talked about a lot of different dating shows. here's one you might like, called dating naked. so couples on vh1 actually date naked. you get to look at the person full on. >> in the entirety. >> let's take a look at a little bit of the trailer, the part we can show. >> the first time going through my mind is, is it too late to run? >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm going to die. >> usually it take mess three or four days to see my girl naked. this is such a time saver. >> dating naked is actually very freeing. as naked as i feel right now, it's probably the coolest date i've ever been on in my entire life. i felt an instant connection with him and i think he felt it
10:07 am
too. >> there is no way on god's green earth. >> on god's green earth. >> even though panama is beautiful. >> ever. >> ever. i cannot -- i felt like she felt when she was walking on that boat and trying to cover herself up, that's what i would be dying. and he's so free and open. he couldn't have cared less. oh, my god. >> premiers next thursday on vh1. wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> but there's another one that's even worse because -- >> weirder. >> yeah. it's called married at first sight. this one premiered last night on the fyi network. >> the premise, you don't know the person, but you learn -- so there are a couple of dating coaches, shrinks, et cetera finding the perfect match for you, someone you've never met. >> match makers going to put you with the one you're scientifically more compatible with. but you have to agree to marry the person the first time you meet them is on your wedding
10:08 am
day. >> the way it is in some countries you don't know the person and there they are on your wedding day. >> have fun, kids. >> let's take a look at the moment when one bride met one groom. >> seeing someone that was just absolutely gorgeous pop out of the door and then her crying immediately when she saw me. which could have been good and bad. >> i couldn't help but look at his family because they are like beaming with huge smiles looking at me and i just happened to be not attracted to the guy. >> she was freaking out and it seems like she doesn't know what's going on. and it was a tense moment. >> i'm getting married right now to someone i don't know. i'm thinking i just made the worst decision of my life. i am so scared. >> oh, my god. >> you think? the next one that's coming out next week is -- >> wait a second. >> i'm getting married naked. >> they're going to mix the two,
10:09 am
it's the first time you meet naked and then you say, "i do." can you imagine. >> i can't. >> what is this world coming to? >> that made my stomach hurt that whole situation. >> george clooney is not going to go on a reality series like that. he's not going to be waiting for her at the aisle. >> if you look at the other side of it, half marriages end in divorce anyway. so your chances -- >> after all the best intentions. >> they don't work. now your odds are probably similar, i would think, because if someone shares -- they check values, beliefs, all those kind of things, and you know, after a while the chemistry goes away anyway. why don't you just fast forward through that part. >> you haven't thought this thing through, hoda. if you have values. >> what? >> you're not going to -- >> you might. you might. >> if you care about being honest and being committed to somebody, how can you say i'm going to marry whoever and be on television? >> being on television, right.
10:10 am
>> i'm not saying they're immoral, but i'm saying -- both of you share that kind of a take, chances are it's not going to last anyway. >> unless you want to have a baby really badly and tried dating. >> let's not introduce the baby. >> want to have children and they're nice, solid, non -- you know, they've got -- they value the same things you value. i'm not saying that i would ever do it in a million years but i -- >> you would watch. >> i would watch. and the naked one too. definitely watch that one. >> all right. it's time for a -- >> oh, dear. >> shout out. we have to do this every time. >> anyway. >> go to hit the connect button and submit a question. >> if the handyman shows up at the door naked, ask him if he wants to get married, save some time. we are bringing you a special bargain hunter show this week and looking for your tips to find the best buys.
10:11 am
send those again, >> right. if ever -- yeah. you know how to find good coupons or where to shop we want to know. coming up the "real housewives of new jersey" welcome an old family member. >> and they're all naked. >> and he's an answer to your endless summer nights. richard marx brings back memories. >> always so put together. looks good. >> yeah. this is garthen leslie, a regular guy who invented aros. a very smart air conditioner that learns your habits to save you money. this is ben kaufman, the ceo of quirky. he's rubbing garthen's regular-guy feet because garthen is far more important than ben. at quirky, real people invent all of our products. ben just runs the company. introducing aros from quirky and g.e. products invented by real people like you. shield...sneeze...swish. ♪ ♪ this back to school, there's a new routine. ♪ ♪ grab a kleenex tissue, to help keep your hands clean. ♪
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10:15 am
>> you hang up first. >> no, i like you. >> i turned 50 last september. >> how does 50 feel? >> like 30. >> does it. >> 32. >> i read that you said that. i'm 50 but i feel 25. everybody that's our age understands that. >> no really, once i hit my early 30s i feel physically the same. i mean i can't say maybe in my 20s. >> by your 30s. >> you take care of yourself. >> we're happy you released new music. it took ten years. >> i wasn't deliberately making you wait. >> you weren't dlab brit lay making a cd, writing songs, you thought, i've got something here. >> yeah. i didn't intentionally make an album. i'm always writing songs. >> and produce pg for our people. >> doing a tough of collaborations with other people. in between those things, i'm always still writing songs for me and maybe one day i'll put a collection together or whatever. i just -- i found that i had these couple songs that really went together. they were in a similar musical direction, in a similar lyrical
10:16 am
direction, they sounded sexy. >> in the zone. >> i want to try to make it the sexiest album i ever made. >> and you go there. you do go there. >> one lyric that was -- a lot of great -- i'm one of those that looks at the titles, you wrote one with daisy fuentes. >> i did. >> which surprised me. and then one of the lyrics, i forget to to remember to forget. >> we're going to sing today. >> of all these songs this is the one that's going to be the one that stands out. >> i don't finish a song unless i love it. i would think if i love a song that other people might love it too. we're all -- a lot of people have similar tastes. i've never had that experience that i heard other songwriters say where they knew it like "right there waiting" i tried to give that song away to barbra streisand. >> she said no? >> the sweetest thing in the word and said no and i've worked with her sink since then, but i still have the voicemail message
10:17 am
when i sent her that song, richard, i love love love this melody, it's gorgeous but i'm going to need you to rewrite the lyrics because i'm not going to be right here waiting for anybody. >> you're kidding. >> i swear. >> so great. >> it's true. >> she knows what's true to herself. >> yeah. >> i'm not sitting around. >> now -- >> but no, i don't -- every time i write another song that becomes a hit, i swear, i go really? >> that's the one. >> that's cool. >> yeah. >> how's the reaction been so far? have you leaked some of these songs? >> yeah. came out yesterday, the album came out yesterday. i actually right before i went to sleep last night i had a little too much tequila it was good for me to read the comments then. i thought i can take it all with a grain of salt and it was amazing. >> can't wait to hear you sing the song. >> like we would expect anything less. >> going to sing it for us, the song we talked about before the end of our show today. >> don't let brain freeze getting in the way of who knew
10:18 am
of national ice cream month. the ♪ you help me pour. the simple grains of rice krispies®. oooo! good. help me. they're made with rice. they're popping! where'd the sound go? is it in your tummy? a gentle grain that's easy for little tummies to digest and fun to eat. kellogg's rice krispies®. ♪ crest gaand the other, a crestwhitening toothpaste.. here's what they thought. i can't tell if the paste whitened. well the whitestrips worked. yeah. the paste didn't do that. crest whitestrips work below the enamel surface, to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. the way to whiten. it used to take me forever to get a smoky eye look just right. until i discovered this... almay's intense i color collection for my hazel eyes. almay intense i-color in four color collections
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10:21 am
ask if xeljanz is right for you. we are back with some fresh faces in the mix. >> the "real housewives of new jersey" return this sunday for their sixth season and wait until you see the drama that unfolds. here we go. dina man zo is making a comeback after four seasons on the new housewives. amber. >> amber marcasi.
10:22 am
>> teresa aprea. >> and nicole. >> they are twins. >> welcome, ladies. >> thank you. >> dina you were gone. >> i was. >> people were bummed and then you came back. why did you come back? what brought you back? >> i like to say i was talked about for four seasons without a paycheck. come back for one. but it happened organically. i was kind of asked last minute and timing in my life said why not? >> you're getting a little -- critique from people saying -- >> you're going to get critique nod matter what you do. >> your sister is not on it anymore. >> she has her own show. >> does she wish she was with you? >> no, i think she's done. >> when you're done you're done. >> unless you're dina and then you come back. >> who's close with teresa giudice? she's not here today. usually she comes on these things. how come she's not here. >> we're doing a lot of press tomorrow. she will be here. i think she had some other stuff going on today. >> okay. >> what's happening with her husband and the whole jail
10:23 am
thing? what's happening there some. >> you know, i'm the wrong person to ask. i don't follow the case. i'm there for her as a friend. >> they have been found guilty, right? >> no. >> no. >> are you sure? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> that would be safe. >> we are nbc news. we have to be careful. >> new people. >> how are you enjoying this ride that you're on? >> i -- you know, there's some really great points and intense points you know it was hard to get used to. >> sure. >> overall, this makes it worth it to be on with you. >> you were talking about a diagnosis, of breast cancer. >> when i was 31. >> talking about that in a public forum must not have been easy. >> actually no. it's just beautiful. i feel it's a godsend i'm able to speak about it. i'm using this as really a platform to be able to have breast cancer awareness and to potentially save another life. >> once your heart came back and you knew you were on the road to being healed, you felt i want to
10:24 am
share this with people. >> i want to share of. it's unusual to be 31 and have breast cancer. >> hard any time. >> what about the twins? who's the good and bad twin? >> the evil one. >> raise your hand. >> the only thing that's evil and good, it's like sweet and spicy. >> sugar and spice. >> i'm a little spicy. >> edgy a little. >> yeah. >> who crosses the issues in the show? you do? >> no, i don't. >> i don't. i don't think i cross any issues. i think -- >> they find you. >> they find me. >> you're a drama magnet. >> i have to deal with them. >> why did you guys want to go on the show some. >> i thought it would be so much fun to do something with teresa. we're so extremely close. we have the strongest bond. to do something and be on tv with my twin sister. >> and you are going through a life change because of your -- you're almost divorced. >> i'm divorced now for a few years. it's been almost four years. >> all right. >> ladies, you know a lot of fireworks are going to be going off tonight when season six of
10:25 am
the jersey housewives -- >> sunday night at 8:00, 7:00 central on the bravo new baour most stretchable sheer bandage ever. they're 50% more stretchable, so they fit snug to protect even tough spots from dirt and germs. ♪ 'cause band-aid stretches with me! ♪ new from band-aid brand. use with neosporin antibiotic.
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10:27 am
his death last november. they say tickleman injected hayes with so much heroin on his yacht, he died moments later. he's expected to answer to seven different charges next week. we will certainly have more on this story during our next newscast at 11:00. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break. did you remember to pay the dog sitter?
10:28 am
yeah, citi mobile. and deposit that check? citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. welcome back now. temperatures for today have actually dropped off, but we are going to increase the humidity out there and the mid-level clouds later on this afternoon. 64 degrees.
10:29 am
that is the only cool spot across the bay area for today. otherwise, mild conditions. 84 degrees for the south bay. 78 on the peninsula. 76 on the east shore with subtle changes coming your way as we head throughout the next couple of days. by thursday, we are going to see that beautiful ocean breeze return. and as a result, it will feel more comfortable around here. gorgeous weekend, we'll show you all about it today at 11:00. first here's mike and your drive. >> a very light drive developing for 101 at 680. on the maps, still a couple of slower spots. 101 right by the airport. 280 still recovering after a series of crashes northbound, mostly heading in towards cupertino. but those have cleared up and we have a slow drive just off of that live shot. 280 and 680 as well. speeds coming up into the yellow zone out of the orange. that means we're getting closer to 50 miles per hour, south through fremont, approaching mission boulevard. the golden gate bridge shows you the northbound side, we have some crews that have cleared, scott. back to you. >> well, sweeping views of san
10:30 am
jose make it a popular place for people to work out, but now the city is trying to discourage runners from going up to communication hill. we'll take a look at 11:00. and we're back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. who knew, july is national ice cream month and what better way to entertain your frens with fun trivia about your favorite frozen treat. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store and ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right and a kathie lee cd -- >> everyone has a story. >> they were all singing along spoo allegedly here to help me out is "new york times" food writer melissa clark. >> are you ready. >> i'm so ready. >> where's our ice cream. >> we should have thought that through. >> lovely young lady from fairfax, virginia. how much ice cream is produced per person per year in the united states, 17 quarts, 21 quarts, 25 quarts, or 30 quarts? how could you know?
10:31 am
>> definitely b. sn>> wow is right. confidence. how did she know? 21 quarts. >> do you know how many scoops that is? >> 600 scoops per person per year. >> 600. >> i could do half of it. >> that's two a day or something like that. wow. all right. >> sounds good to me. >> back across to kathie lee. >> from new jersey in an episode of "the brady bunch" bobbie competes for a trophy in what ice cream related activity, speed eating, sundae making, creating the tallest cone or scooping ice cream? >> d? >> you're going to enjoy this cd so much. >> the correct answer is a, speed eating. >> do you remember that one? >> i remember. eating with his face. >> yeah. >> and he wanted to win the trophy on the cartoon sing show. >> that's right. >> did he win? >> he did not win unfortunately for bobbie. >> feel bad. back to kathie lee. >> from west virginia, "the huffington post" published a
10:32 am
list of the worst ice cream flavors. which of the following was not on the list? garlic, pizza, hot dog or lobster? talking about ice cream. >> i'm going to go, b, pizza. >> no. no. >> i would have picked garlic. >> they're all -- they all sound yucky but the correct answer c, hot dog. >> there is a hot dog ice cream out there. you know what else was on the list, interesting, rum raisin and butter pecan which i think are fine flavors. >> rum raisin is delicious. >> might take issue with the article. >> back across to kathie lee. >> lovely lady from michigan. fill in the blank please. one of the main differences between gelato and ice cream is that ice cream has more? milk, air, sugar, or eggs? >> c, sugar. >> this is my latest gospel cd. >> loves giving away. this surprises me, the correct answer is b air. >> why gelato is richer and creamier. when you make ice cream in
10:33 am
america you whip air into it, makes it flupyer and lighter. you lose some of the feel. >> gelato it is. back across. >> from indiana, carville signature ice cream cake fudgy is in the shape of a what? a bear, whale, duck or a puppy? >> d, puppy. >> i'm having a good day. >> yes, you are. it is fudgy the whale. >> fudgy the puppy would be adorable but it was introduced in the '70s. and then in the '80s we saw another signature cake, cooky pus. >> i don't remember that one. >> it was the big monster. and fudgy the whale had vanilla, chocolate fudge, little crumbles on it. it was delicious. >> perfect. back across to kathie lee. >> from upstate new york, hi, who among the following has not had a ben and jerry's ice cream or frozen yogurt created in their honor. tina fey, stephen colbert, kathie lee and hoda or jimmy fallon. >> i'm going to go c. >> you're right.
10:34 am
>> we didn't need that question. that was not fair. we were the only ones. >> talk about your sorbet. >> what? >> apparently there was -- >> they did make a sore bet. >> yes. >> a vermont apple sorbet. >> i forget. you're right. >> we could use some of that right now too. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you. >> live performance by richard marx. and how to turn your trash into treasure. the host of "junk gypsies" will treasure. the host of "junk gypsies" will show you how right aft oh john don't wallow john iin ice cream.s over. i'm not wallowing in ice cream. it's the new dannon oikos greek frozen yogurt. half the fat of regular ice cream. it's so irresistibly thick and creamy! didn't expect you to be enjoying yourself so soon! couldn't resist, mmm! it's such a good source of protein too! no, i'm talking about this john, already?! that was mine. hi mom. hi sweety. try the new dannon oikos greek frozen yogurt. ♪ dannon. i heard you have a tough clog. i only have ten minutes.
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10:37 am
huh... weird... seriously? what? they're magically delicious
10:38 am
with a little creativity and elbow grease, anyone can turn junk into a gem. >> ask sisters amie and jolie, host of great american country's "junk gypsies," they search stores for junks and flea markets finding items that may have been turned into trash. >> they're here today, to help you find beauty in the beast you have lying around your house. hi ladies. >> hi. >> this is so much fun. >> thank you for having us. >> pleasure. >> you're starting off with the shadow boxes. tell us about these.
10:39 am
>> well, everybody has stuff they want to display and don't know how to display it. pictures that could be in frames, not in frames, jewelry, candles. this is a great way to take something inexpensive. these are all from the flea market, $10. >> add like -- this kind of stuff is stuff that you can get for free about anywhere or in your garage. just trash. >> what is that? what do you do with that? >> drill it on the sides. >> oh. >> or even use old drawers and turn those. >> make a shadow box, put your jewelry, pictures, whatever. >> cute. >> really simple. >> we love amazing -- this i genius. >> there's nothing more southern and americana than mason jars. >> you drill a hole in the top of the lid. these are old but you can get new ones like a dollar, they're cheap. use like a light kit and do -- screw the bulb in. >> that is so adorable. >> this is an extra little -- >> you had a barn. >> happen to have a pulley.
10:40 am
>> right. >> pulley line. >> what have you done with this piece of luggage? >> well -- >> genius. >> see us getting on the plane with this yesterday. the great thing about this you can -- >> security loves you. >> your jams and clothes in up with. >> how does this work? >> i love old suitcases. we love the concept and these are everywhere at the flea market. >> people get rid of them. >> a dime a dozen. >> use like your old speakers, how everybody has the big old speakers. not everybody -- >> you do. >> all right. >> depending on how old you. the big speakers laying around or get new ones and make a funky little -- >> there you go. ♪ >> oh, my god. >> there you go. >> you know what -- >> how cute is that. >> i heard that you guys were palling around with a cute tall drink of water named blake. >> yeah. >> you tweeted this and something like -- >> we like to hang out with blake. >> you guys are pretty fancy. >> thank you. >> we feel short but like to hang out with him. >> what do you have at the end? >> what are these right here?
10:41 am
>> these are old trunks. >> wheels. >> this is on like an old wagon that was kind of rotted out. those are casters. it can be a coffee table. you can add casters to anything. >> what are casters? >> the wheels. you can get them at any hardware store. >> excellent. >> cute. >> look at these magnets. >> you know nothing about wine. >> nothing. >> nothing about wine corks. >> nothing. >> i know. >> we like the kind that screws off now. >> or the cap. >> really simple project. anybody can do it. kind of dig out the cork and then add some dirt. you can take it a step further and add a magnet. >> cute. >> i love this idea. >> like the old cheese -- >> broken or tacky. >> what do you do with them? >> take and actually where you use the corkscrew, get these and push them in. >> yeah. >> what do you do? >> elbow grease. >> and got your spreaders. >> have a cheese spread. >> those are darling. >> cheese, wine.
10:42 am
>> fun. >> it's a theme. >> we like you guys. thanks so much. >> so much fun. >> catch "junk gypsies" thursday on friday american country. >> stop whining. on friday american country. >> stowhat's my advice for healthy looking, radiant skin? a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer has an active naturals® total soy formula... one of nature's most effective skin tone correctors. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. and for stubborn spots, there's new aveeno® targeted tone corrector, with vitamin a added for faster results. [ jennifer aniston ] aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. [ jennifer aniston ] aveeno®. ♪ ♪ bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolateads. to anything - everything. with new hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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when it comes to wines it's not all red white and sparkly. >> ray knows all that about that the executive wine editor of "food and wine" magazine. >> he's traveled off the beaten find for spectacular unique wines. >> interesting wines. >> i brought a range of stuff i guarantee you have never had before. >> okay. >> we're actually starting with kind of the least weird of them, which is a sparkling shirraz from australia. everybody sort of shirraz, in the same way you would make champagne, purple, fizzy, really delicious. >> i kind of like that. >> that's delicious. >> i would like that.
10:47 am
>> for a barbecue. >> wow. >> absolutely. >> have a chilled red wine with a barbecue. >> that's a ten. delicious. >> the next one, this is a love it or hate it. i will warn you. weird category of wine called orange wines. >> i already hate it. >> you never know. you might like it. >> that's true. >> this is basically a white wine made the same way they make a red wine from channing daughters out on long island, aged on the skins and takes on an orangey golden color. >> yes. >> like a red wine. >> sorry. >> you're going to love it. i guarantee. >> it's surprising. >> not going to love it. >> not for me. some people might. >> it's not great. >> i got to be honest. some people go crazy for it. we don't judge. >> totally different category. not made with grapes. honey wine from bee divine in san francisco. organic honey, water and that's it. >> water and -- >> water and honey. >> and it's a very old tradition. >> what? >> comes from --
10:48 am
>> where's the alcohol? >> in the fermentation of the honey, very light, sweet. >> tastes like honey. >> and tastes like honey. >> like a dessert wine. >> yeah. >> dessert possibility. kind of fascinating. >> it is. >> and next, we're getting weirder and weirder by the second. >> so are you, ray. >> my nature. >> we've known you a long time and you are really weird. >> blueberry wine. blueberry wine from new hampshire, this is made like regular -- not sweet, made like regular wine, uses blueberries. >> i kind of like that. >> i like that. >> pin not. >> without the -- >> i like the two reds so far. >> and that's really -- >> yeah. kind of good. >> delicious. >> surprise. >> finally -- >> this is -- >> this is expensive but wonderful. aged for a year. these bottles are aged for a year in metal cages in the surface of the ocean off italy. crusted with strange like remnants of undersea stuff. it's a fantastic -- >> tastes expensive.
10:49 am
>> buy a bottle, split it with eight people v great time with it. >> that's delicious. >> and finally, riesling, not even -- it's wine in a sense, riesling poach eed pear sorbet. >> poached pares a peared and g. >> that's good. >> guess who's coming up? >> could it be richard marx. >> he's going to sing from his terrific cd called "beautiful good-b good-bye" first this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> we got to sit down with him earlier and finally richard marx will sing us. >> out with his first studio album called "beautiful good-bye" it's beautiful, sultry, sensuous and sexy and
10:53 am
seductive. >> keep talking. >> tell us about these guys my favorite band in the world, moscow roscoe. >> moscow roscoe. >> okay. >> richard is going to do "forget to remember" which you will love. >> take it away. >> here you go. >> one, two, three. ♪ on the skin as she moves to my direction ♪ ♪ stop speaking ♪ i was way beyond protection ♪ gone in a flash i was frozen when she found me ♪ ♪ lost in a trance
10:54 am
♪ and she better beyond tonight ♪ ♪ shame on me i forget to remember to forget ♪ ♪ should have left her in my head ♪ ♪ and i feel like i'd be better off dead ♪ ♪ i forget to remember ♪ i'm surprised ♪ hit me right where she knew me ♪
10:55 am
♪ she took me half way to paradise ♪ ♪ then left me stranded as she waved good-bye ♪ ♪ shame on me i forget to remember to forget ♪ ♪ should have left her in my history ♪ ♪ i feel like i'd be better off dead ♪ ♪ i forgot to remember ♪ lonely nights the love is gone and fades ♪ ♪ she knows i'll always feel ♪
10:56 am
♪ shame on me ♪ i forgot to remember ♪ left her in my history ♪ i feel like i'd be better off dead ♪ ♪ i forgot to remember ♪ i forgot to remember ♪ i forgot to remember ♪ left her in my history ♪ i feel like i'd be better off dead ♪ ♪ better off dead ♪ i forgot to remember >> richard marx! >> yes. >> awesome. >> you guys were dynamite. >> all righty. >> all the best. >> thank you, richard. >> tomorrow a performance by john legend.
10:57 am
ambush make-over. >> and a lot more. have a great day. >> tomorrow is thirsty thursday. >> i love that day. >> bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, we get our first look at the prostitute accused of killing a silicon valley exec. officers say a surveillance video proves she committed the crime in a very cold and callus way. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we are learning new details about the case involving the prostitute and a google engineer and a yacht. investigators say she injected him with a deadly dose of heroin. this morning, the prostitute faces a judge for the very first time. nbc bay area's bob redell in the santa cruz courtroom for her arraignment and join us live with the latest on this very strange case. good morning, bob. >> good morning scott and kris,


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